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Last name: Enriquez
Age: 42
Location details: Manila, Phillipines
Postal address:
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I was contacted by this woman and received the following in the first message -- an obvious takeoff on the Nigerian Scam. Good story! (No picture was included!)

Hello XXX

First, I must apologies to you for using this medium to municate to you about this project. I am Laarni Enriquez a Philippines by nationality. I was once the mistress of our President, Joseph Estrada, and during his tenure in office, I was often used as a courier in depositing his (the president) funds, in the Europe, and Africa because of my honesty with him. but his wife Madam Loi and her son-Jude, accused me of having secret affair with the president this led to fabrication of all kind of allegation against me just to disrepute my honestly earned fame , long, I was arrested, together with his wife and son, in connection with the 27th July, , failed coup for working in the household of the ex-president Joseph Estrada .Although i was later granted bailed as there was no substantial evidence against me , now I have been released but under security guard within state confinement with limited opportunity to reach the outside world to prove my innocence. purpose of sending you this mail confidentially is to ask for your assistance in claiming some funds, I did deposited in metallic truck box in trust security pany in Coted Ivories-a remote states in Africa. Every other deposit including my properties and bank account have been confiscated and seized by the the government of Madam Gloria the President of republic This one is the only one they could not see, as I did kept the deposit certificate and deposit agreement with one of my close confidant. being deposited is much 17.5 Million United states dollars, as this was the fund i deposited secretely in one of my business trip for the ex-president. would like us to go into investment partnership together by investing this fund in your pany and anywhere else you prefer. I will send to you the deposit certificate and authoritative agreement as soon as i recieve your mail. will be effected to your country within (3-4) working days as soon as we reach an agreement and you furnish me with a suitable residence address and pany name and address with all your contact number. The transaction, never undermine is legitimate, risk free and cost free i think all expected of you is liasoning role with a lot reciprocal merit attached to it. mentioned instant benefit of five million united states dollars as soon the shipment is acplish within two days depending on your liasoning capability because all major cost including shipment charge,demuurage and custodian charges already settled. looking forward to doing business with you and do solicit your confidentiality in this transaction, LAARNII FOR YAHO ,C FOR COME AND PH AT THE END. with love and trust Enriquez


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