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Yana Bobrik
First name:

Yana Bobrik

Last name: Bobrik
Age: 23
Location details: Odessa, Ukraine
Postal address: unknown
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Yana, your member number 69896, has begun asking for money. Below is a copy of her letter...

* * * *
I kiss you hello, dear xxx!
Thank you for your letter very much, for your kind words!.. You are an amazing man, I can only dream about as it seems to be unbelievable to become a part of your life...
You are saying such wonderful words, they make me be obsessed... Today I could hardly wait when I come to the agency and receive your letter. You even can't imagine how pleasant to read all those letters of yours. You know I am so happy when I get your letters but not only because I wait for them from the moment I write to you but also because from them I learn that you are fine and healthy and that you are still thinking about me. It makes me really happy and excited that a man like you cares for me and it takes part in my everyday life. Of course maybe I am very hurry with it but I just want you to know that I like you sincerely and very much. I feel shy as I think of you sometimes a bit boldly. I can not fight with a desire to think of you.
You do not have to doubt that you got to my heart, xxx. It is unbelievable but it's true. I didn't expect to find someone I will care for though I wanted to and intended to. It is not that I had lost my faith, it's just that I thought that there were no more men that can be strong and tender at the same time. But I can see that all those things are just about you. Today I have received the bill from the agency for our correspondence being translated and now I am at a loss a bit because the bill is very high for me ( $50!!!) and from now I won't be able to write to you so often as I do now. But I will be missing you so much. I already do! I don't want to lose you, Brad. I realize that it is completely my problem. But anyway, maybe we will be able to find a decision of our problem by you paying for your letters and I will pay for mine? Because for me it will be very difficult to pay for both of us. What do you think about it? You see if you won't agree I will understand but soon I will have to give up our corresponding. I don't want to!!! I am frightened at the thought that I will never hear from you one day... Oh, what should I do?.. Why should this bill become a threat to my possible happiness?
I am not asking money for myself but for the agency. Later I will learn English but now... I know only the base of language and I need time to learn it!!! And I want you to be in my life now!...Even now I am beginning to feel that I am losing you....Well, probably I will have to give up you...I don't want to!... And have no choice. You will remain in my heart-so handsome and interesting. Please, answer me for the last time!.. Tell me if that is the problem for you to pay for your letters to be translated for me?...
I kiss you goodbye,
yours,Yana .


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