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Last name: Shevnina
Age: 25
Location details: Cheboksary, Russia
Postal address: Cheboksary, Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address:;; SHEVNINAIRA@LIST.


fell in love after 3 letter--says she has many money problem and wants help.
new-dating 24330

Hello ***. Thanks for the letter. I am very happy every time when I see the letter from you in my e-mail box. How are you today?
As for me everything is not so bad, but I don't even know if I will have the opportunity to celebrate the birthday this year. And I won't buy myself the presents, things about which I dream for months. I
hoped that I could do the presents for myself, but.. The problem is with my work and our cheff told that he can't give us the payment this month. I know that for you it is hard to understand. When I was in the
USa and when I worked there, I received payment every two weeks, and it didn't depend on anything. But here in Russia, where the economic sityation is much-much worth people can do not receive payment for months. And it is just normal. I hate it. Only in Russia, people will stand this. I don't know any other country where people are so weakwilled. And we can't even go into strike, because in this situation, we acn just lose out job and it is very hard to find any other job here. I am not sure that you have ever heard about such a
situation in Russia and I guess that I surprised you at least a little bit, but this is a life here in Russia. I am very sorry, I didn't want to disturb you with my problems, but now I am just in desparate, I am
very angry and feel hopeless. I like my birthday so bad, and now I cant' even celebrate it or buy the presents for myself. Noone will do it for me except me. I am sorry again for telling you this...
Please excuse me. I know that you have your own problems and don't even need to listen to my complainings, but I don't even know whom else I can tell this... Hope to receive the letter from you. I hope you won't leave me alone in this horrible situation. I don't even know when I will have the
opportunity to write to you. I don't have money now even for food, and not only for the ibnternet.
Wish you good day
Yours Irina


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