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Hello again!
My Incredible Asad!

Nice to hear from you again. I've got your answer today and it means that you are really different and you have the ability to appreciate all the things I told you about myself in the last letter. As you can see we have already discussed our positive features and now it is time to discuss our weak points. I'm realistic and I know that we both are not ideal. Here I will give you a summary of the features I think are my weak points. It is a tradition here that every woman needs to have a dowry when she is going to marry a man. I work as a lace-maker for the sewing factory. I'm a simple worker there and of course my salary is not big. The money I earn is enough to pay for the flat which I rent, to buy some food and female things. I don't have mobile phone, modern equipment, computers, cameras, expensive furniture and anything I will bring in our future house. My dear, you have to know that I want to speak with you, to hear your voice very much... but as you see I haven't my own phone. I asked about the ways how we could speak with each other and I now I have a wonderful idea. You can call me to the translation agency phone number and we could speak with interpreter's help. What can you say about that? But I have something special that you will appreciate better than material things I could bring to our house. My money is spent on me, my beauty and my health. If you want to have a rich wife I'm not for you. But if you want to have a beautiful, healthy wife who is a real lady and knows how to keep her beauty, and how knows how to make her man pleased, the woman who can be your best friend and good lover, I'm for you. Please think about this and decide what woman you want. I think that my disability to earn much money here is my weak point. This fact causes something that I think is my weak point as well. You see, I didn't have the English language as an obligatory subject at school and college. As a result I don't know English. When I became adult I realized that I would need English one day. But I couldn't earn enough to allow myself to have English lessons with a private teacher. Now I'm in the process of learning English myself but of course I'm a beginner only and I can't neither write nor speak English. I have found the people whom I pay and who let me have your and my letters translated from English into Russian and from Russian into English. I don't use a computer myself and I even don't have any access to Internet. I bring my letters handwritten and then I have your letters printed. As you can see it is my the most important weak point but I hope that you are smart enough and that you prefer to have the non-speaking-English woman with my beauty and sensuality than to have the
English-speaking woman that can be ugly and cold. If I were you I would choose the first variant of course. But now it is up to you. Please make your final decision. You can imagine so-called scale. Put all my good features and my beauty on the right pan and my disability to speak English at the moment on the left one. Then imagine what pan has more sense for you and write me back. I'm sure that you will
tell me that the left pan is nothing for you comparing what you have on the right pan. I don't want to finish this letter, I want to tell you so many things about my life and my feelings. But I will let you think about what I have told you today and I will hear from you soon. Write me...P.S. Do you like RED? Do you like women in RED? I just think that women in red look extremely sexy and desirable. Don't you agree? That is why I wore my favorite red shoes, red lingerie, sexy blouse and took the picture I'm sending you with this letter. Don't worry, it wasn't dangerous to take the picture. I just was sitting on the parapet and my friend Irina took that picture. Tell me what you think and confirm me that you like me in red.
You take care,


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