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Age: 29
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Postal address: Yoshkar Ola, Russia
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She wanted to meet with me after 2 emails and asked for $520 dollars, to make a passort and ticket. The web site she gave me doesnt exsist.
From: "Julia" <>
Subject: Re[2]: Hello!!!
Greetings my dear xxx!!! I went to travel agency and have learned that Viza to Turkey is not necessary. You write to me that we can meet you during winter time. But I cannot so for a long time to wait for a meeting with you. I have learned that the international passport ismade about 7 days. I shall not sustain it. Tell to me you correspond with whom - that except for me?

My lovely xxx!!! I was today in tourist to firm and learned about my trip to you. Cost of all trip makes 530 Euros (this cost includes tickets, the passport for travel abroad and insurance). I think lovely Alley you can order for me this trip as I have no such big money. The manager has given me E-mail, you can contact him and discuss all details of my trip to you. As he has given me official web-page where you my lovely Alley as can order trip for me. E-mail Der Manager:,Web-seite:

Write to me you can faster do our meeting?

I shall wait for your warm letter

Your princess Julia


She is really to fast talking about her wish for a meeting after 2 emails and asking for help to pay her trip expenses.
Besides, even if the website she gives is real, the contact e-mail address is a free mailbox, which is also suspiscious for the legal organization.


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