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Albina Mosolova(Pozdeeva)
First name:

Albina Mosolova(Pozdeeva)

Last name: Mosolova
Age: 31
Location details: Zelenodolsk City, Russia
Postal address: House 13, Appartment 17
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


Report #1

Hello here a mail from her !!! This say?s all !!!

How are you doing? I am fine and I hope you are also in a good mood! A day without your letter seems to be a year for me. A day with your letter is full of gladness and happiness! My love Dietmar I as is glad with you to talk and hear your voice my love xxx!
I miss you every evening when I stay alone at my place. I dream of a day when we see each other. I will tell you how much I love you, dear. We will spend all day long together - only you and me. And we need
nobody, because we have been waiting for this moment for a longtime. Do you agree, Dietmar? I have been wainting for YOU all my life! I am ready to open for you my sides that you dont know yet. It is possible to do only when we meet each other. When I read your
letters I feel that I am the most beautiful woman for you. It is so pleasant to understand it! And I want you to know that you are the only and the most beloved for me! I want to feel your love every moment and to give my all love to you, completely all my love!
I very much want to meet you and would be glad to your arrival in Russia, but there is one BUT! Employees the Net-club beforehand warn the girls concerning meetings Now I shall try to explain: If the man comes to Russia to the beloved girl, the girl bears responsibility for his safety we have such groupings of the gangsters, which meet and track down the foreigners at the large airports these gangsters plunder and injure of the foreigners, is especial of the Europeans there is even such, that they kidnap the people and require of the relatives the large repayment for his freedom! I would not like that with you something happened I never shall forgive myself, if with you something similar happen! I very much love you and do not want to lose you! It will be much better if I shall come to you, especially I never was abroad It will be twice pleasant from of this travel, I shall see a lot of new and interesting, and most important, I shall see you, my love! <br />
As I have already written I began to learn information about my arrival to you. I want to ask advice of you. Well, in Visa Agency they said I need to do visa, passport, air-tickets, insurance. Visa costs about 80 dollars. As I have never been abroad and I dont have foreign passport, it is necessary to do it, it costs 250 dollars. Insurance costs 150 dollars. It is rather expensive but it is obligatory. I am sure the travel will have no accidents but in case of any problems with my property or health it wil <br />
as other countries, I think) to show a certain sum of money that calls solvency. It will prove that I will be able to live abroad for several months without material problems, that I will be able to provide myself. My collegues and the aunt agree to lend me money, but even this sum of money is not enough only to pay to pay all documents and tickets. But to save up money for solvency is impossible for me. I am not able to pay everything I need for travel. It is not right from my side but I am afraid I have arrive to you, I will give you this money. Custom-house will not permit me to go to you without solvency. Do you understand what I mean? I am very upset by this fact. But I am sure it will not prevent us from meeting. I have done the utmost, that we with you could be together, but now all completely depends only on you. I very strongly expect for your help. In fact the our future depends on it. Well, dear, write me what you think on this account? Do you agree to can me solvency? Is it possible for
I am a little bit nervous because of this situation, but I hope I will understand me.

Report #2
Unfortunately, I sent you euro 896,26 at the beginning of July.Now she wants to arrive in Italy because, she says that she foun a work as a model.
I don't think.
I am afraid that she arrives at my home and she will try to be maintained by me.

My love Vito I is glad from you will receive the letter and good news. Vito I am glad that you in Monday will help me with acknowledgement of solvency 1100 $ and I shall receive the ticket of the plane to you and I shall arrive at once well. Thanks as for the information receptions of your remittance.
My love, I should explain to you a thing connected with my surname. When my aunt adopted me after the death of my mother she gave me her surname (Mosolova.) But now, when I became adult I decided to change my surname to Pozdeeva (my parent's surname) in the memory of my parents. So, in the passport I am Pozdeeva Albina.
The day began well already in the morning, when I waked up and remembered I dreamed of you at night. It was a wonderful dream: we were together - only you and me! I looked at your face and we were laughting. I dont know why. Just because we were together! But what yet we need? Only to be together. When I get your letters I understand that despite of the distance we are together. Yes, you are far from me, but it is only for a time. Very soon we will be together, and many problems will desappear. I am sure in it, because we will be a wonderful couple and a united family! Do you agree, Vito? And the best moment of this day was when I came in the Internet-club and saw your letter, Vito! You dont stop to make me happy. And everytime it is more and more pleasant. It is impossible to get tired of compliments especially of yours. You are always so gentle and I like it very much. Sometimes it so happens that a person becomes familiar to you when you commumicate for a longtime. But it is not about you!Dear, I have so many thoughts about you when I am at home or with my friends. But when I begin to write to you I have no thoughts, only emotions, only my love! Sometimes I think I live only by you and my love to you. I cant eat, cant sleep with you! The feelings overfull me and I want to cry because I understand that you are so far from me, that you cant embrace me at this moment and to kiss me. And I need it so much! I would be so happy if only you could do it!
But I know that it is not your will that we are far from each other. I understand that you do everything me to come as soon as possible. I just wanted you to know how much I love you and how much I miss you! Vito, you are the best man in the world! And I am so happy that I have met you in my life! God wants we to be happy, so he sent me to you, and you - to me!
Albina with love.



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