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Natasha Yaseva
First name:

Natasha Yaseva

Last name: Yaseva
Age: 24
Location details: Lugansk
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:
Webpage: id 72183


Hello dear ..........,
Your letter today makes me very happy, because i was waiting for it with great impatience! I miss you............. I needs warm and love! I am sure that you can give it to me! I feel that you are kind and pure! Well if to speak truth i am very happy that you appeared in my life , because i felt that something very
important needed to happen!
We found each other! I like that you older me , because you know this life, you know how to treat woman , you know how to make happy your woman! I am sure that i can show you all my love too, because my heart is full of love which i need to share with you! i want to be happy
and i want to to love!! I think that person can't live without love!
I am sure that woman should be not only your lover , but he should be your friend , partner!! He should take care of you and support you in everything!This is my point of view! Sweetie , you know i have have an
example. These are my parents! They have been leaving together for 26 years! I know that their love is the most strong in the world! I want the same!! My dear i like to talk to you and i hope that you will
open your heart for me, that you will share your thoughts with me!!
Sweetie , i know that we so far away , but love doesn't have any barrier!! I am sure that you will agree with me!!! But i am little bit sad today , because i need to talk to you and i feel that you will not answer me , but i keep hope that you will hear my cry about help! I think that can help not only me , but us!
My dear, if to speak about the level of my English , i don't know English , it is better to say that my English is very poor! I know some phrases and words and that's all! I use the service of the translator firm!, they are great firm , because they translated for
me letter, but sorry this service is not free. My dear i didn't want to tell you this and ask for help , but i paid for our correspondence , but now i don't have money to do this for us! I would it with great pleasure , but i couldn't do it right now! That's why i asked
you about help! Please i really need it now , because i feel that we just much to stay in touch , because we can lose chance to be happy!
I belive that you will hear my heart who is calling for you !!
I need you , please write me as soon as possible!
With many kisses


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