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Age: 27
Location details: Russia
Postal address: Belogorsk
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Read self, this is the 3 mail from her !!!
I do not know, that to me to do! At me therefore I did not write very big problems to you so for a long time. My mum was ill. It had a heart attack. Doctors to me have told, that to my mum, it is urgently necessary to perform operation. Otherwise, she will not live. Cost of operation of 13000 roubles. I now am in a shock. I pay and I pray for mum every day. But my prays will not help in this case. I do not know as me to find so much money, I already, asked money everything, but all have turned away from me. I wanted to sell an apartment, but it for a long time and the owner of an apartment mum, and I cannot sell her. At me remained nobody except for mum and you. And in this case if there is an opportunity you can to help only. You my last hope. I very much you ask the help. It is very a shame to me, and you are not obliged to me to help. But I ask you to help me, if it with your forces. I am simple in despair. You can help me? I shall work much and I shall return to you this money. Only I beg you if it in your forces help my mum. I shall hope, that you can help me. I cannot reconcile that my mum will die. To me it is very bad. I continue to pray for my mum. I shall wait for your answer with impatience. Elena.


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