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Last name: None given;
Age: 20
Location details: Donetsk/Lugansk, Ukraine
Postal address: none given
Phone number: none given
E-mail address:
ICQ: 409287132


This person replied to my response. When I chatted with her she gave me several different stories. She told me her name was Ksenia; then Kate; then Ksenia again, then Katie; she then sent me pictures and it was a different girl than the one I responded too. When I confronted her on why she was telling me she was called different names and that she wasn't the girl I responded too, she then said I wasn't reading her responses properly. I asked her again. She then said Kate is my roommates name and these are my roommates pictures. I said why is she doing that. She said then that she was hiding her identity but that she didnt' want to hide it anymore. She changed her stories several times and then finally I said this is ridiculous; the person then said goodbye and now your blocked. Here are the two pics as well. The person has so many stories but they were slick and cool about it.


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