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Natalia Jandimirova
First name:

Natalia Jandimirova

Last name:
Age: 32
Location details: Mendeleevsk, Russia
Postal address: Pervomaskaia str. - house 88 - flat 3
Phone number:
E-mail address: nataliapchi or



The above Natalia - today in your home page - does not answer but sends only circular letters. At RBrides she has been canceled on August 1st or 2nd.
Regards - Gigio

Report #2

Hello, my dearest xxx!
The dirds begin to sing songs when I pronounce your name, it is so dear to my heart that I can repeat it many many times. I would like to call you like this every day. Your name is very melodious!!!
My love, do you like to dream? As for me, I am a strong romantic. When I miss you much, I can even cry because I cant see you at the moment. Not everything depends on us in this world and sometimes we shall wait for something that we want very much. So, dear, I think that before going to bed you often remember me. As for me, I always do it, I wonder what you are doing at the moment. When the night is coming and you are going to sleep, remember about me. I am always with you, even if we are far from each other, I feel you! So, sweety, when you are in bed close your eyes and listen to the sounds of silence. Imagine that I enter your bedroom. I sit down at the head of your bed and whisper your name. I tell you the warmest words, touch you? hair and you are falling asleep... When I was a child my mother always told me different fairy-tales before going to sleep. They were about princesses and princes. I still remember one of them. It is about a beautiful girl who was waiting for her love. Her love was from a far country. They loved each other very much, and nothing, even the great distance could not prevent them from being together. It remindes me about us. And as in all fairy-tales, our story will have a happy end and I am sure that we will be together.
By the way, today I went to the travel agency and they said me that I will need to do the next papers to go abroad: passport ($180), tourist visa ($220), tickets ($460), insurance ($650) and solvency ($1100.) The tourist visa is available during 3 months, but then we extend visa. My friend works in the travel agency and she is ready to help me. We know each ather from school, so I will have no problems with papers. <br />
I have already said to my best friends that I am going to you. They are shoked! But they are happy for me and they even have proposed their help! I am very glad to it, they are my true friends. But, dear, even with their help, I cant pay all papers myself. I have $1700 and believe that it is much for me, I will not be able to find more money. It is embarrassing for me to ask your help, but I have no choice. Vito, may be it is in your forces to help me with solvency? I need money for solvency only to show on the customs of my country and to enter your country. The authorities of both countries must be sure that I will have enough money to live during 3 months. So, I need money only to show them, I will not spend them. When I come to you, I will return $1100 to you. Please, dont think that I want your money, I really love you and want to be with your. It is really a difficult situation for me, and I hope, Vito, you will help me. Just understand that to pay everything is very much for me, my wage is not very big.
So, sweety, wirte me what do you think about it? Is it possible for you? My friend said that she will try to prepare papers in a week. Of course it will be more expensive, but I am redy to do everything just to be with you as soon as possible. I love you, dear, more and more each day.
I kiss you.


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