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Last name: MIHEEVA
Age: 26
Location details: RUSSIA - CHEBOKSARY
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Greating my lovely xxx .
I am visited with ideas only about our future meeting. Only one idea on an opportunity of our meeting gives to me a lot of optimism. I see
that you too are interested in our meeting, therefore both of us should apply a maximum of efforts for realization of our dream. Today I again have visited travel agency and have specified all charges which I should pay for trip. For the first time it is cost it was very unexpected for me, I did not think that it is such the big sum. I never saw such money and the more so did not receive it. It is rather impressive and big sum. I have written down all in my notebook because I could not remember all that to me have told. There are some kinds of visas in Italy, in my case I should choose between two visas, the
first visa - duration from 14 till 30 days, cost 190 euros, are necessary visiting embassy in Moscow, the second visa - duration as from 14 till 30 days, but cost 290 euros, both visas are done during 5-10 days. At first sight it is more favourable to buy the first visa, but it is a question at issue because at visiting embassy in Moscow I shall have additional charges, I shall find in hotel superfluous 3-4 days in hotel with payment of residing and a feed, also I should pay a taxi, in result I shall have about 120 euros of superfluous charges. I think, that it is more favourable to buy the second type of the visa,
it is much easier for me and cost not on differs many. Certainly all will depend on you, I want to know your opinion. With registration of the passport all is easier, his cost 223 euros, it is made out during 10-14 days, I shall receive it in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The tour agency if I shall do the foreign passport through a passport office in militia it needs not less than 1 month will be engaged in registration of the passport, but certainly it will be and is cheaper on a quarter. As through a tour agency I shall receive an insurance policy, the insurance policy costs 190
euros. The travel agency uses the most known insurance company " Rosgosstrah ". One of the important points in charges is air tickets, for reception of the visa I should get air tickets there and back. I also buy tickets through travel agency, first it is faster, and second it is more convenient for registration of the visa that at registration of the visa at travel agency all documents necessary for registration were at agency near at hand. The total cost of two tickets up to Milan and back makes 490 euros I did not begin to order expensive places and has chosen middle class. If it is expensive for you I can search for an economy class. Besides large charges there will be also fine charges, but they too are very important. Trip by
train up to Moscow costs 86 euros I should stay in Moscow 3 days to receive the passport, the visa and tickets. Cost of residing in hotel 33 euros day, it not dear hotel on surburb of Moscow, in this cost
enters three meals a day and bed-clothes. Likely for you it is very difficult to process so much information at once, esteem it some times, I hope well all have explained. If at you any questions will appear, ask me, I with pleasure shall answer it. I understand, that I ask you very serious sum, but I do not want that you thought, that I oblige you in something. But you too should understand my position, I have very much the greater making to meet, but I do not have such means to pay all these charges. I can tell to you that I have only 400 euros and mine the savings which I could save up all this at all not
having the purpose on what I to save them but I see that I knowingly to collect this money and now to require in 793 euros and plus of money which to me am necessary for that what to show them in the
airport your police. I learned how many tickets that Rimini cost but it to appear very dearly from 755 euros. Your answer will be deciding for both of us. It is very important for me. I very much wait for your
letter. Your Alexandra

P.S. On work to me to tell that the most convenient way for you to send me of money if you to want it through the Western Union. To be necessary for you for this purpose my full name Miheeva Alexandra
Sergeevna. To you as the name and a home address will be necessary to tell your full and still to you of 10 figures which to you should give what that as it is necessary to send me. I can inform you that the
address of the office nearest to me the Western Union
I love you my dear Vito and I cannot wait that moment when we can meet you, I so to want to embrace you.
Yours for ever Alexandra


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