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Veronika Udovenko
First name:

Veronika Udovenko

Last name:
Age: 24
Location details: UKRAINE - LUGANSK
Postal address:
Phone number: 00380 95 61 52 645
E-mail address:


Hello xxx
as always it's interesting to read your letter and I really want to discuss with you a lot of things, a lot of topics that we like, but today my letter is not going to be long as I've complained you about
my teeth. I have very serious problem with my tooth, I had to clean them twice a day in my childhood! Or may be I ate too many sweets!:)
Anyway, curing of teeth is very expensive, Ukrainian dentists take money for everything: consulting, fillings, pricks, tapes and everything. I see that you want to help me financially but you ask me
to wait till the end of August, xxx, in other situation I could wait,but this terrible pain doesn't let me wait, I can't neither sleep well nor walk during the day. XXX if you told me what sum of money you could send me, I could go to somebody and borrow this sum of money with promise to return them in the end of August.
Ok, my dear I'm waiting


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