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Anna Blohina
First name:

Anna Blohina

Last name:
Age: 29
Location details: Novoulyanovsk,Russia
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Profiles listed under ID# 76453, 76454, 76455 on New Dating web site. This is verified and identified scammer using Travel Visa scam to come to the USA. Needs $400 via Western Union sent in order to clear customs and get ticket.
I have verified prove of her scam and many photos sent my her which match shown on website. Remove her profiles immediately.

At me very joyful news. Today to me have made the visa.
Now I have the complete set of documents for flight in the Usa,but I have troubles with customs house.
I have gone to lear cost of the ticket of the plane,
but to me have told that I cannot fly in the Usa because I should have with myself 1200 dollars on pocket expenses.
This money is necessary for having only with itself and only so I can pass through customs house. It is a pity to me to inform you, but because of this problem my flight in the Usa can not take place. All problem in that that after purchase of the ticket of the plane also I shall have with myself only 800 dollars and through customs house it is necessary for me for transition more 400 dollars. I need in your advice. I can fly in the Usa only if I shall have with myself 1200 dollars. After purchase of the ticket at me remain 800 dollars, but I shall require still in 400 dollars.
I tried to find money, but all efforts were ineffectual. It is a pity to me to inform you about it, but I cannot fly in the Usa without your help. To fly in the Usa to me it is necessary more 400 dollars and I do not know that to do now?
I understand that we are insufficiently familiar that I asked money you, but you person which I can ask about the help because my relatives have no money at present. Whether I do not know you can help me whether or not, but it only your decision. If you can help me I can fly to you and I shall return your expenses back.
I should have this money only with myself and if you can help me as soon as we shall meet I shall return this money. xxx please write to me what to do in this situation. I could not provide all nuances of my flight in the Usa, but I hope, that have not changed your plans.
You should not help me but as I have already told to you, I can fly in the Usa only if you can help with this problem. I do not know what to do, but inform that to me to do in this situation. If you cannot help me I shall be to go home. At the airport there is branch Western Union and if you can help me I can receive money very quickly and then I can buy the ticket of the plane. xxx then I shall give the full information of my flight. If you can help me, that send 400 dollars to me through the Western Union and I can receive money during short time. Reggie for send money through Western Union you will need know my full name: Name - Anna, Surname - Blohina. The address: Russia, Moskow.
I hope, that you may allow to send me money. In which I need!! It is a pity that there are problems for our meeting, but inform what to do as soon as possible.
I shall wait for your fast reply.
I shall be as it is possible to check more often the mail if at you any problems inform me as soon as possible that I might give you more information and our meeting will appear was not late.
Love, Anna!


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