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Vera Udovenko
First name:

Vera Udovenko

Last name: Udovenko
Age: 23
Location details: Halich
Postal address: 77102
Phone number:
E-mail address:


This young lady seem to be very kind and romantic. I really trusted this girl after a lot of conversations threw e-mail and phone.
After a while she sais she is interested to come and visit me. She will need 500 dollars for passport and visa. After she sais she will need 600 dollars more in poccetmoney, to come into my country. The Ukrainian Embassy is telling me that its not neccesarry for poccetmoney when she come on a touristvisa, visiting a special person.
She also has a lot of internet sites with her profile and pictures, and she refuse talking to me when I tell her I want my money back.


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