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Age: 26
Location details: Ukraine, Lugansk
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for the first she send her letter and photos and to the fin she send this mail! Read self and think!!!
Dear Sir,

With this letter we are to notify you that Anastasia is the client of the firm "Nika". We provide our clients with following services:Internet access , translation. We also scan and print photos for
additional cost. Unfortunately Anastasia has run out of money on her account and will not be able to continue correspondence with you. At her request we inform you that she is still interested in
corresponding with you. If you are to continue correspondence with Anastasia please let us know and we will in our turn inform Anastasia about your decision. If you are interested we can send you the prise-list of our services.

Yours sincerely,
Roman Valuyev
Service Manager

Look for this argentur to google and you find only scamm protection



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