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Last name: Yagolnik
Age: 27
Location details: Russia, Chudovo
Postal address: none given
Phone number: +79095905599
E-mail address:


This attractive youg lady (if it is her on the pictures of course) scammed me out of 763.
Naturally I knew the rist and I am not here to complain about the money, only to prevent her scamming other men with good intentions. her id on this site is 74121
What follows are some extracts of our email communication, previous to the fact where I stood at the airport (like an idiot, I admit) and she did not show up.
Read it (chronologically) and wheep (I know the joke's on me):

Hello Kurt!
I got your answer with e-mail address.
I send you my newest digital photos with this message.
I'm really glad to get your answer, because I was afraid it was just a senseless message because of my profile.
You know, I never corresponded before via Internet. Actually my girlfriends forced me to try.
A couple of my girlfriends corresponds via Internet with their boyfriends from Europe and two of them had real meetings already.Therefore I decided to try too, but I want to ask you about one serious thing, which is very important for me - if you decided to correspond with me - let's correspond seriously and responsibly, ok? There are a lot of people in Internet, which just play a games, or which are looking for just a pen-pals.
I want to explain right in the beginning - I do not search for pen-pals.
I'm forced to spend a lot of time and energy to write letters in English, because I use help of dictionary and translating programme, it's not a fun and not a game for me.I search for real relations only, and I would like to find real guy and to try to live together, as a family. Because I'm single at moment and I want to marry and to create good family in near future.
Also, I have one request - if some of my words or ideas would be strange or you - re-ask me again please.
My English is quite poor and sometimes there are can be misunderstandings of translation or problems because of difference in our mentality.Of course we have differences in our mentality, because I was born and I live in Russia, and we have our own rules of relations between women and men.
Therefore if you will be surprised because of some ideas and words - ask me again I'll try to explain in details, ok? I'm not bad person. I'm very real alive girl, I hope my goals and plans are understandable and honest.Also - ask me any questions you would want, ok? I'll try to answer your any questions in detail.
Listen, I want to write in this letter my basic ideas - how I see such Internet correspondence and my theoretical basic plans.
So, I would like to try to keep daily active correspondence.
To write each other about our daily life, about our opinion and ideas, to ask different questions.
After such first stage (maybe in a few weeks) we can discuss question of our real meeting - to arrange the first real date, to meet somewhere, to look at each other and to start real relations.
I have International passport already, but I never have been abroad as yet.
I want to tell - my girlfriends had real meetings abroad already and I know it's very real.
Also, I know that real relations are much better than virtual chat.
Well, I hope I wrote quite long and informative letter.
I look forward to your answer, ok?
Hello Kurt! I got your message and photo!
Kurt, I can give you my mobile +79095905599 But I have no idea how we can know each other better by phone, because I do not speak English actually. I use translating programme and dictionary.
But you can try to call me.
I send you my newest digital photos with this message.
You know, my daily life here is quite simple.
Nothing amazing. Just standard simple daily routine.<
I wake up about 7 a.m. I spend a hour to cook breakfast, to make up my mug, to take a shower and to reach my firm.After that, I sit in my workplace till 7 p.m.After that I go shopping, I cook a dinner, I watch TV, I read something and I go to my bed.
As you can see - life of some turtle in a zoo is more interesting and amazing than my daily life here.
Sometimes, my crazy friends arrange some party.
Sometimes, we go to disco-club, or to swimming pool in our village, or we arrange picnic outdoor.
You know, it's interesting - sometimes, some of my friends asks me and girls from our company, who corresponds in Internet too - how we decided to leave Russia and why we plan to live abroad. They ask us - is it too hard to leave native country and to start new life in other society.But on the other hand - look at my daily life. I spend all my life in my workplace, in front of my computer and at home, tidying up my room and cooking something eatable in kitchen. And in shops, between my workplace and my home, trying to buy something eatable. I answer such questions - "folks, where you see "Russia" in my daily life??"
Question - what "very important things" I would lose if I would leave to begin new life in new society? My boss and my job here? - I'm ready to leave him and my firm, even if you would offer me to go to live in the North Pole. My real estate? - I have no real estate. I rent little shitty room with terrible neighbors.
My friends? - women can't be a real friends. We call each other "friends", but we have own plans, own life and own interests. I'm friendly and communicable girl, and I can find new friends in new society without big problems (I should learn language first of all of course, it's would be my main first task).
My parents? - I see my parents once a year, we call each other from time to time - I can do it from other country with the same result, right?
My brother? - we would call each other too, we would meet from time to time, because we would live not on the different planets, right? As you can see - I would have a chance to find a lot of new and good things - love, my own family, beloved husband, new life that could be much better and more interesting.
And I have no really important things for me I would lose. So, my questions: 1. How do you think - which of your merits are most pleasant and attractive for women?
I'll try to answer the same question, but in my case. Not for women but for men of course.
I think and I hope (I can guess only, answering such question) my main merits, which are pleasant and attractive and for men - my beauty and appearance, certainly. :) I understand, it's quite doubtful merit, but all men look at face, boobs and other parts of body first of all, right? So my next merit is my wit, sense of humor, ability to keep interesting conversation.
Also, I think my big merit is my "gold hands".
I mean - I'm a very good cook, and would be wonderful housewife (if I would have such wish).
We have saying in Russia - women love via heart. but men love via stomach :) Therefore, if you are a very beautiful and witty, but if you are not able to feed man - you are nothing. As you can see - I have all main merits and abilities to be a bloody good wife.
I'm attractive, I'm clever and I'm able to cook tasty.
(but I'm not sure men likes if woman is too clever. Some of my familiar men dislikes and hates when they feel I'm more clever and informed. I'm afraid this merit is not merit for a lot of men). Do you like too clever and too witty girls? Well, not I would like to hear about your main merits in women opinion.
2. My next question - how do you think, what is your main demerit in women opinion? I wrote already - I think my main demerit - I'm too clever and informed.
It's interesting, but when I try to recall my demerits at moment - I can't. I'm surprised. It seems to me - I'm real angel without demerits and bad habits. :) OK, Kurt, I hope to get answer from you, ok? I wish you very good sunny day and I look forward to your answer!

-------------------------------------------------<br />
Thank you for your letter. It was very amusing to read about your stay at your parent's. However I am very unhappy. I just called you (a minute ago and also sent an sms) and you picked up the phone. I said hello and you immediately hung up the phone in my face. I find this very disturbing and unacceptable if you want to build up a good connection. I wonder why you did this and am very curious to learn the reason why.
Hello, Kurt, honey bunny! Thanks for your answer.
I'm happy we are in touch again. Sorry once again because of my silence, I had no chance to find Internet cafe in village of my parents.
Kurt, I got a couple of your SMS, but real conversation by phone is problem. I do not speak English, and when you tried to call me I was in my firm and public places - I have no idea how to keep conversation if I do not speak English. Kurt, can I write you my own ideas about our meeting now? I have one week of additional vacations in September.
I think it will be third or the last week of September.
Kurt, I thought about our meeting, I want to meet, but I would like to solve question of our meeting without my high travel expenses, because I have no money to arrange any travel at moment. I called to tourist agency today - they have trips on credit to a couple of cities and countries, that do not demand money beforehand at all - on credit. I can book such trip on credit, and we can solve question of my forced travel expenses as soon as we'll meet, not beforehand.
Can I ask you? Is it possible for you to meet not in Moscow or St-Petersburg (because agency have such trips abroad only) - but in one of places I would be able to reach on credit via tourist agency now? So, it's my main question - can we meet in 3th or 4th weeks of September now, and can we meet in place I would be able to reach on credit, without payment of travel expenses beforehand?
Kiss kiss kiss
I have read your letter carefully and I have a few remarks.
You say that is not possible for you to speak English so if ever we should meet, how do you suppose to communicate with me?
About this trips on credit: I do not know what to think of it and how to respond to that. I think it is good not to meet in Russia because of a very simple reason: I have used all my vacation for this year and am not able to leave the country again. However I can take time off from work but I have to stay in Belgium because I am on 'stand by' at my job. This means that it is ok for me to take a week off but if there is an emergency in my office I have to go there immediately and solve the problem. That is why I cannot leave Belgium anymore this year. First you need to tell me where you can go to on a credit trip and you need to tell me this as soon as possible. Then I must try to arrange my time off at work but that will not be such a problem. Of course I think that for me the 4th week of September is better than the third. Please make sure you get the correct information and send it to me as soon as you can so we can try to work something out ok.
Kurt, I was really happy to get your detailed and serious answer.
If man write such serious letter about our possible meeting - I see it's not a game and you really think about our meeting.
First of all - I send you my passport to prove I'm real girl.I'll try to answer all your questions:
1. My real English is very poor. I use translating programme and dictionary.
But a couple of my friends, who knows English worse than me had real meeting and a couple of they lives abroad with their boyfriends already.
Therefore I'm optimist in this question. Moreover - I have special pocket computer translator.
2. I understand your situation with your working schedule.
I called to tourist agency and they gave me all possible trips on credit
1. Prague (8-days trip - 880-900 euros)
2. Budapest (the same - 8-days trip - 880-900 euros) 3. Turkey (resort Alanya) - (8-days trip - 1380-1400 USD) 4. Egypt (Sharm El Shaik, 8 days trip - 920 euros) 5. Tunis (resort Susse) - (8-days trip - 1340-1370 USD) Also, there are a lot of tourist trips to different cities and countries of Europe, but it's not trips on credit and they will demand your payment of my trip directly to tourist agency.
I didn't want to arrange our first meeting with request to help me to buy such trip beforehand (it mean - to send money to me or pay it directly to agency), but if we can meet first time in Belgium only - I'll be forced to ask you to send payment of such 8-days tourist trip to Brussels directly to me by WU-bank or to pay it directly to agency.
I asked - price of 8-days tourist trip to Brussels is 800-850 euros.I repeat - trips on credit I wrote you - do not demand your help with money beforehand, only during our meeting already.
But Schengen countries, as Belgium demand tourist package with Schengen visa, and agency do not sell it on credit.
I can take exact flight-list of such trip for you.
I need your opinion, ok? I'll come to my firm tomorrow to check my mail-box.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Kiss kiss kiss
Kurt, I got your answer, thanks.
Kurt, I've read your ideas very carefully, and I want to write a couple of my statements:
1. I agree to meet abroad only everything will be completely convenient and realistic for me.
You write me about my own visit to embassy and about guest visa if I understood correctly.
The nearest embassy is located in Moscow and St-Petersburg.
Also, any application will demand my own visit to these cities and, as embassy demand about 10 days for visa examinations - two visits.
To apply for a visa and to get an answer. It mean - I should spend a lot of money and to ask additional days off in my firm, also to collect a lot of papers to apply for a visa because of all this bullshit, because you have such crazy idea.
Not a deal, Kurt.
If you are afraid to send money to me or to agency (I understand it, because of a lot of cheat in Internet) - I can do one thing only - to come to tourist agency in my village and to book trip on credit to any place we would be able to meet, but only if you would be able to cover such travel expenses as soon as we would meet face to face.
No other variants.
2. Prices of trips on credit - it's not a top secret. You can check out prices in Internet in web-sites of any Russian tourist agency.<
I think you do not understand I write not a prices of tickets of course, I write prices of full tourist package - return-tickets+ voucher from hotel with full accommodation in hotel + visa + medical insurance + other service of tourist agency.
The first meeting is most hard thing, because we do not know each other and I'll never go abroad for a first date if I'm not protected completely by service of tourist agency. I'm not a crazy and silly Russian girlie, you know.
I do not want to discuss "scamming" because my way to meet do not demand sending of money beforehand.
Best wishes in your searches.

With surprise I have read your last message. Let's just say that I understand your disappointment completely but the sudden change of the tone in your voice I do not appreciate at all. Not once have I accused you of scamming and I have no intention to do so now.
I disagree that the first meeting is the most difficult one, but that is something very personal and perhaps for you this is indeed the case so I will not comment on that.
Let's for argument's sake accept that the prices you mentioned are correct, then we're still talking about a meeting outside Belgium, which is for me, as I explained to you, not possible this year.
I am very aware of the fact that coming here by my invitation includes indeed a serious effort from your part and that is also one of the reasons why I suggested it. So I could see how serious you are with our acquaintance. You obviously have given me a clear answer on that question in your last email.
It truly makes me sad to see which conclusions you make and that you accuse me of having crazy ideas. They are not crazy ideas Mary but of course it is all a matter of perception. Anyway I believed in the two of us getting together somehow but you gave me a very clear message that this will not happen at all.
From my part I will always be open for dialogue with you but in case you decide to break off contact, I truly wish you all the best of luck and I hope you will find the love and happiness you deserve.
Kindest regards,
Kurt, hello again. Thanks for your answer.
I answer your letter only because I believe you really would want to meet and you are serious guy.
Kurt, I'll write you my situation and opinion in details once again.
I planned:
1. To keep daily active correspondence during month for example, to send different photos for each other, and to discuss the first real meeting.<
2. My plan concerning the first real meeting was:
- Man can come to St-Petersburg and we can meet here for example.
- If he can't - I can book trip on credit to meet in other neutral place, without requests to send money beforehand.
- If all these variants are not possible - sorry, but I would be forced to ask man to pay my trip to Belgium.
Kurt, my request to come to Belgium with tourist trip doesn't mean I'm spoiled princess and I do not want move a finger to do something for such meeting.
I do not live in cities with embassies - but any process with official invitation will demand two visit to such city, travel expenses and days off.
It's really impossible for me.
I can offer only most doubtful way for you - I take exact information in tourist agency here about such tourist trip to Brussels - flight list, price, dates, hotel and so on. (I would be your guest of course, but any cheap hotel will be inside tourist package).
I asked already - most cheap 8-days trip (with cheap hostel) is about 750-770 euros.
I know only two ways to help to buy such trip beforehand - I can take exact euro-account of agency for payment of trip from abroad - such way is not risky, because it's standard transfer from your bank to bank of agency. Or to use WU-bank and my own information - such way is more riskly of course, because you can demand money bank in case with bank account of agency and you can;t do it in case with WU-bank.
Kurt, everything I can offer you in our case, as you reject more safe variants - to help me to buy such 8-days trip.
Everything I can say - I search for much more than a chance to steal these bloody 700 euros, you can believe me.
Kurt, I got your message and I'll be waiting for your letter, deal.
By the way - I think you make one big mistake.
Kurt, I'm really alive and real girl, and I'm not scammer
By the way - I took exact information about nearest tourist trip to

Date of departure: 15.09.07
Number of flight: FV4838
Airline: Pulkovo
Time of departure: 16:55
Time of arrival: 18:15

Hotel inside such tourist package: Vendom hotel 3* Address of hotel: Boulevard Adolphe Max 1000 Brussels Belgium Duration of tourist trip is 8 days.
Price of tourist package is 755 euros.
OK, I wait for your answer!
Kurt, hello! Good morning!
Today is wonderful weather here - sunny and warm.
Actually, our weather is worse and worse during last days.
We have a lot of rainy days in place where I live.
OK, it was short weather report :)
So, Kurt, I'll try to explain you a couple of very important details concerning my possible trip to Brussels.
1. I took exact euros-account of tourist agency for payment from Europe (from Schengen zone). It's not the payment from Western Union bank and it's not dangerous. Because when you use WU-bank - you can't demand money back if something would be wrong. But you can demand money back in this case, because it's standard procedure and you can use your own bank to pay my trip in euros directly to agency. Agency can't get your payment without me - I'll go to bank to get your payment together with tourist agent, because tourist agency will need your full name to get your transfer. Only I'll know your full name therefore as you can see - this way is totally safe.
By the way - write me your full name and mailing address please. OK?
2. Such transfer will take about 2-3 working days, therefore it would be good if you would have a chance to send it today or tomorrow - I should get your transfer here on Monday, because agency will need a time to apply for a visa and they told me dead-line is Monday.
If you want - you can use Western Union bank and my full name - Mary Yagolnik. Such transfer via WU-bank will take only 1-2 hours.
3. Kurt, as I will be ordinary tourist (because I'll go together with tourist group) - no problems with visa.
It's most safe way to get Schengen visa.
When we'll have a proofs of our real meeting - our photos and papers about my visit to Belgium - we can apply for my next private guest visa with your official invitation.But now - the most safe and quick way - standard tourist visa.
I'll go with tourist group, but I'll be totally free and you'll pick me up in airport. I wrote you exact flight-list already.
I'll be your guest till the moment of my departure.<br />
Such way do not demand any additional expanses.
So, our steps now - you should decide how to send payment - directly to agency or via WU-bank directly to me
It's all the same for me. But payment should be here on Monday, please.
After that I start standard procedure of trip booking. All tourists visit Europe this way here.
You should inform me about transfer as soon as you'll make it. OK?
Because I should inform agency about my payment and I'll ask them to start my booking.
I hope I explained everything in detail.
So, euo-account of tourist agency:


2. Swift code of bank: SABRRU2P

3. Number of account (analog of IBAN number): 42307 978 4553 85000455

4. Owner of account: tourist agency OLGADADIYKO

Kurt, I send you all this information and I look forward to your answer!
Kiss kiss kiss
Kurt, I got your messages.
I'll answer your questions:
Address of agency:
Russia, 174210, Chudovo, Novgorod region, Lenin street 92 Name of agency: "ExpressTour"
Kurt, it's shop, that sell tourist package in my village, it's not the big tourist firm in big city - they have no web-site.
This shop of tourist packages sell trips to citizens in my village.
But all people know each other in my village and nobody cheat here.
OK, try to call me once again. Kurt, what for I'll cheat you this my English??
Anyway you'll see my real English when we'll meet.
It's pleasant for me to hear about my good written English, but I really use translating programme - Prompt XP and Lingvo 10.
Also, I'm forced to correct automatic text with dictionary after that.
OK, I look forward to your answer!
Kiss kiss kiss
Kurt, more important question - I want to ask agency to start my booking right now, as soon as you'll tell me to do it (if you plan to pay my trip now of course) - I would not lose a time and start it this week, but payment would come next week - not a problem.<
People here know each other and trust each other.
OK, I send you my kiss and I look forward to your answer
Mary <
From here on there was some extra commuunication about the arrival of the money on the russian bank account. The money was transferred on friday (august 8th). There were a few messages after that with some simple chit chat just to keep me hanging on...she also got a bit impatient and urged me to transfer tha money just to be on time with her booking...
Well there are a few more emails but not really relevant anymore. So I was stood up at the airport and she's probably having a blast with my money this weekend...


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