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Last name: I DON'T KNOW
Age: 27
Location details: KIROV
Postal address: I DON'T KNOW
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I don't want to speak only to this girl but about all Russian and Ukrainian women.
I am sorry, but I am very tired, sad and disappointed about all the contacts, very, very much, which I found and also in other places in Internet.
And not only with young girls, the not young are worse, because they ask help or money immediately, or they ask immediatelyif I am rich, at least the young try to make me believe that they love me.
All the contacts with Russian and Ukrainian women or girls are immediately bad, they ask very soon help or money or they want very soon to come to Italy, and to live in Italy, without knowing each other, if we feel well or not, without knowing how life in Italy is and what it is possible to do.
They only hope that i can maintain them, also if they don't work.
I invited in Italy two Russian and I went to Ukraine to meet an other woman and all they were not nice, for nothing,very different about their carachter as what they wrote in their e-mails.
And they get angry immediately and invented very stupid things about me and against me and they offended me if I don't give them money.
I am very tired to receive e-mails from Russian and Ukrainian women who ask me help or money.
I have to work very much and also in Italy the economic situation is not good.
I had to pay 5.000 euro for the dentist and 2.000 euro for the mechanic because the wheel of my car suddenly broke down.
Nobody helped me, why do I have to help other people?
I am also tired to write to Russian and Ukrainian women, because I understood that Russian and Ukrainian women donít look for a love but only to receive money or to go out as soon as possible from their countries.
Maybe their life is very terrible.
But it is useless that I continue to write in Internet, there are only Russian and Ukrainian women,
But what do they think?
I saw a lot of Russian and Ukrainian women which, after few months, came back to their countries disappointed.
I know, for example two Ukrainian women one is 42 years old, she is a lawyer, and she cleans the apartments in Italy, an other is 27 years old, she is economist and she dances naked all night, otherwise it is not possible for them to live, with a normal Italian man, with a normal salary.
Otherwise they have to find a very rich man, but it is not easy.
Anyway good luck for all Russian and Ukrainian women, but usually these rich men want only young and beautiful girls to go to bed and these girls want only money.But a lot of these girls understand that they become only objects for these men and they prefer to come back to their countries.It seems to me it is a sad thing.
If these women want to have a serious and good relationship, it is good for me, but if they want only to have money or to come immediately to Italy, without knowing how it is possible to do, it is better for me don't write anymore.
Excuse-me for this letter.


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