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Last name: Unknown
Age: 26
Location details: Rubezhnoe, Ukraine
Postal address: SOLUTION Agency, unknown
Phone number:
E-mail address:


"Tanya", if that is who the writer is, is a Agency Scam. I contacted Tanya through the site. She sent me 3 letters with each responding to a few things in my letter and the rest standard.
The third letter told the pitiful story of the death of her brother that caused her parents to divorce, and she helped her mother a pensioner.
Next I get this letter:
Ukraine, Rubizhne Tel. +380678331287
Dear Mr. Joseph XXXX
You are troubled by "SOLUTION" translation company, and we're informing you that Miss Tanya, who uses our service in order to correspond with you, is not able to pay for our services any longer.
Here are all the services we provide to our clients:
1 English-Ukrainian/Russian-English translation of different kinds;
2 phone calls translation;
3 scanning and printing the photos;
4 printing the letters.

If you are interested in Tatyana and in using our services in your further correspondence with her, you can contact us any time by e-mail letter or phone call, and we'll send you our price list. We also will be glad to answer all the questions you may have
Sincerely Yours,
Administration of the "SOLUTION"
Vlada Dontsova

I wrote the man and told him this is an agency scam and that I am not interested. He wrote back:
Dear Mr. Joseph XXXX
Thank you for your letter. How we could prove that Tanya exists, show us the way? After your communicated with her you should made your
point of view about her attitude toward you. Then she has a real name, address and money you will send to her, not to us. She is a really good person and every day she comes to us and ask about your answer.
She is too shy and she never asks for help, but now she think that could believe you. She think that you do want to correspondence with her, too.
Sincerely Yours,
Administration of the "SOLUTION"
Vlada Dontsova

Here is information about our prices:
1) translation of one letter - 4 USD,
what includes:<br />
translation of it - 2USD
printing of it - 1USD
Internet services - 1USD
2) translation of telephone conversations - 5 USD per 10 min
We also can suggest you to use our unlimited services:
1) "one month unlimited translation"(without photos) - 130 USD<br />
"two months unlimited translation" - 255 USD
2) "one month unlimited correspondence"(photos including)-180 USD
"two months unlimited correspondence" -320 USD

If you are interested in using our services of translation you may make the transfer the following ways:
- Western Union system,- on bank account of our manager (if the person with whom you are
going to correspond doesn't have his/hers),
- via MoneyGram system

Yet “Tanya” has been back to New-Dating every day for the past week to obviously pick up letters from men that Mr. Dontsova says she can not afford to pay to have translated.
The final proof:
Yesterday I went back to the site and sent Tanya the following:
Hello Tanya, ( the same address I used for all other correspondence)


She replied:

Hello Joseph!
I made you interested. You seem to be a very interesting man too. I will be pleased to be given the chance to find out something more of you. So, if you are still interested - just send me your address, and I will reply to you. I also have lots of
photos to share with you. Will wait, Tanya.

Obviously a different writer at this “agency” took this as a new prospect and started the series over. Obviously NOT the girl who commented on things from my previous letters and did not recognize me.
I wrote Mr. Dontsova and told him he is fraud and a criminal. He responded:

Dear Mr. Joseph XXXXX

The letter you have received on the site is sent by us on Tanya`s request. She is not able to forget you but she does not have possibility to refresh her account so we decided to help her a little and send the short message. As for her profiles on the site, the thing is that when signing the contract with us, we discuss this point and allow our clients to stay on the site during 3 weeks after their
account with our company is over (in case they will finally get the possibility to pay for our services). But in case with Tanya, she
herself asked us to delete her profile, what we are going to do.
We hope that you are also interested in Tanya and we will be glad to give you information about our prices and services if not just tell us and she will never come to our office.

Sincerely Yours,
Administration of the "SOLUTION"
Vlada Dontsova


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