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Last name: Novoselova
Age: 24
Location details: Novgorod, Russia
Postal address: Chehova 28-25, Novgorod, Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Attempt of Visa/ticket scam

I am in the very difficult situation of reporting a potential scam. I am your member Antonis Charalabopoulos and I strongly believe that
your member Elena Novoselova (id 24792) has tried to extract from me money, by making me believe that she was coming in Greece after my invitation, for
a short-term holiday. The communication we had fits the most patterns at your web link “Anti Scam
1st: She made the first contact.
2nd: She “fall in love” with me in the first 1-4 letters.
3rd: She insisted on communicating on her personal e-mail:
4th: She did not answer my particular questions.
5th: I have noticed that she did not actually read my letters.
6th: From the beginning informed me that she was underpaid.
7th: All the letters arrived to me with the same message: “Hello my dear
8th: She accepted the invitation to visit me in Athens demanding 400$ for a
visa and 50$ for the tickets from Novgord to Moscow.
9th: She sent me a charming photo of her at the same letter demanding the
10th: She constantly avoided schedule specific dates of that meeting
although she was in urgency of obtaining the visa.
11th: She recommended Western Union, for me to send her the money providing
me with the following details: Name: Elena Novoselova
Address: Chehova 28-25
12th: She reacted with a bad manner when I said that, I should send the airport tickets to her (not the money to buy herself) and after asked her if she was sure that the visa costs 400$.13th: The conclusion she arrived was that: no cash send to her, no meeting!
14th: On the 18th of November I received from her a short letter who is exactly the same with the one she sent me on the 9th of November.

All the communication took place from 05/11/04 up to 18/11/04. I can provide you with the letters she sent me concerning the “transaction” details.
I strongly hope that I have not misunderstood her but the scam pattern is leading me to the conclusion that “she” tried to deceive me.


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