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Age: 30
Location details: Ghana
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This woman reports to be living in Austrailia, but actually is in Ghana. Has lived there for 7 years according to the chat we had. She first showed a greast interest in our chat, then all of a sudden she dropped of. Next thing I know a black woman from Ghana is online saying Gina just told her about me and she that she liked my pic. Gina never came back online. I have some photos of her she shared, but highly suspicious they are stolen and the black woman who came online in a few seconds was actually pretending to be Gina. I had spoken I exposed scammers in order to let Gina know directly I did not tolerate deceit. In a few seconds she was offline.<br />
I woul dbet she is a scammer, having exposed over 600 women to date. I am well documented on Internet for my exposures and even made many enemies here for the women I exposed. I ask that her profile be removed. Thanks.


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