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Age: 26
Location details: Lugansk, Ukraine
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Received letter response fro Helena. As always I do a Google on name or email address and, not to my surprise, LOL's, she pops up already reported on a scam site. Surprise, surprise!

Why is it so many scammers get through to this site. It is such a pity there is no oversight by Internet Dating sites to keep these stupid morons off so real honest men and women who truly want to find romance, love, marriage can actually have a fighting chance to do so? I have yet to find even ONE HONEST, woman who is what she claims to be, off this site, and I have written to hundreds! Why is that?
It is good the site offers a way to remove scammers, but I think it is about time the site takes a moral obligation to its paying members to
eliminate the threat of these scammers even being allowed to post. Just a thought, but doubt will ever happen, cause too much money to lose. Maybe a suggestion, make the women pay for responding to ads, just like the men do and that may reduce the number of scammers some and allow honest women to find a man.


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