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Last name: Burhanova
Age: 27
Location details: Russia
Postal address: Volzhsk, Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I explained to her that I brought a woman and her daughter from the Ukraine on a K-1 visa and as soon as I went back to work her jewish boyfriend from California went to my house and picked them up and took them to California to be with him.
She then wanted me to send her money to come see me. I explained that it didn't work that way and I had to see her first. Then she seemed to agree to that but wanted money for her passport. I said, I will come see you then we can go buy the passport together and I will pay.
She quit writing for a few days and then today she wrote and wanted $450 for her grandmothers operation. I said, I said, send me you address and phone number and I will come over there immediately and bring the money with me. Now she wants the money by tomorrow. I said send you address and phone number and I will make the decision when I have contacted you.
I can send the letters if you want to see them.
She is reported as a scammer on the other web site that I sent you a few days ago.


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