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Last name: Serepionova
Age: 28
Location details: Zvenigovo
Postal address: Index 425060, Street Sovetskaya, House 57
Phone number: None
E-mail address:


After emailing each other for more than a month, she decided that she wanted to come be with me. She said she had $200 but would need more. I sent her $860. Then she said she would need another $270 to stay a few days in Moscow while she was being interviewed at the embassy. I sent her the additional $270. She told me when the flight would land in Atlanta, Georgia. Then the day the flight was to leave, she emailed back saying she was told at the embassy that she would have to show proof that she would return, and that they wanted her to show them $1000. She wanted me to send her another $1000. I refused. She has emailed me just twice more after that refusal and ignores any emails that I send her. She wasn't satisfied with the $1130 that she beat me out of. She was going for another $1000. Thank goodness I didn't lose that $1000. What a scammer!


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