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Last name: Ansah
Age: 28
Location details: Africa ghana
Postal address: unknown
Phone number:
E-mail address:


ID: 54690
From your website, "she" now claims "she" is in Africa.
Here is the complete email:
This is Tina we met at a dating site.I am glad you have responded to me and I feel honoured to have you.
I hope you are caring, kind, romantic,generious and helpful as well and and knows how to treat a lady and make her feel good and that you are not going to let me down. Well to me age, looks and race is not the most important thing in a relationship but a loving, kind, protective and caring heart is what I look out for in my man. A man who is serious in life and has his head right on his shoulders. Well let me tell you about myself. I am from Ghana on the west Africa coast just 25km from the sea.I have some european blood in me.My mum is a Ghanaian but my dad has German parents.His father came to aquire a gold mining concession here in Ghana which formally used to be called the Gold Coast By the british.His parents are dead and my dad has two other brothers who are mining the concession now.But my dad is sick suffering from Diabetes and is not fit to work and so his brothers don't care about us. I believe you will not despise me because I am poor and that you will love me and treat me good.
I was in a Nurse college in Arizona to do traing and I am now a qualified Nurse.I just came home to do my internship here because my dad is sick and I wanted to be a bit near him so I can help but life is boring here in Africa and I want to find the right man abroad who I can join to form a happy family.I am a hard working and business minded lady.I am virtually a virgin but will want to explore with the right man.I am dynamic and wish to learn new things in life.I am submissive and romantic as well.
My hobbies include music, TV, video, cooking and reading. I am a very romantic person who knows what to give her man. I live in a small house with my parents. Honestly I am a poor girl as my parents are not rich at the moment since my dad fell sick. By my nature I am soft, gentle, romantic, submissive and cry when I am not treated well so I need your care, love and protection. Both my mum and Dad are alive. Just that my Dad is old and sick. My mum is well and doing great. I have one sister and a brother. I have completed high school .I am currently learning to be a nurse. I will be 27 years by the close of the year,5.7FT height and slim built. I do not smoke but drink a little bit wine and beer occationally/socially.My measurement is 32-25-36.I have firm and youthful body, sweet nice titts and more for the enjoyment of the right man I find and that could be you.At my age I think it is time for me to find the right man to form a family.You may ask me any thing you would like to know. As to my personality I am a calm, humble, intelligent, romantic, easy going and fun to be with. I have never been married before this is my first time of looking for a sweetheart and it must be a lifetime partner whom I believe is/could is you. I am seriously looking for the one and only such man and I am happy I have you. That lucky man will have a wife whom is passionate, understanding and who will be a wife, sister, companion, best friend and everything. That man will give the best he wants To win his love care protection and help is a woman. Well tell me about yourself and what you look out for in me. Your plans and expectation. Do you have any plans for marriage do you intent to let me visit you or you visit me some day as we get to know each other well.. Well dear that is it for now. Get back to me soon.And don't forget to tell me a bit more about yourself,work,country and what you look out for in me. and send me your picture.


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