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Elena (id=78086)
First name:

Elena (id=78086)

Last name: Kuzina
Age: 26
Location details: Russia, Cheboksary/Ioshkar-ola
Postal address: Mira Str 103 - 55, Ioshkar-ola 424032, Russia
Phone number: Not known
E-mail address:;


This woman wrote to me from this site including her email address. We corresponded for about 10 days, by the end of which she tells me she is in love with me talks of marriage and wants to have serious relations with me. She claims she is interested in me alone and has chosen me out of all the men who have written to her! Of course there is a catch! She cannot afford to keep up emailing me everyday (this is apparently ncessary to stop us drifting apart while we wait for a chance to meet in the Spring).
She claims she needs 70 euros a month paid in advance for daily visits to the internet cafe. I never heard of an internet cafe which charged this way have you? She also claims she needs to replace her cellphone which was stolen, and can I send her both money and a new phone to allow our corrsepondence to continue. (I have all the emails as proof if required). I refuse to send her either, so she has stopped all contact with me yet she still appears on this site and logged in today so giving the lie to not being able to afford the internet!
Her behaviour is that of the typical scammer - coming on all strong for a week or so then suddenly making demands and when these are not met disapperaing as quickly as she appeared. (Scammers always dissappear as soon as they realise they are not going to get any money out of you, and move on to the next target).
She should be banned from this site forthwith!


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