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Last name: Dimitrova
Age: 22
Location details: Russia, Kazan
Postal address: unknown
Phone number:
E-mail address:


This lady was very believable until we started talking about meeting in the Ukraine. She asked for money to buy International passport and insurance to visit the Ukraine none of which is required for a Russian citizen to visit the Ukraine.

Here is the money letter.

John, Canada


Dear John
In this letter I want to tell to you about my parents. My parents - very good people and thanking
I was given birth by him. I very respect the parents and always I render them the necessary help and
Care. I think, that parents need to be helped always, during all to their life.
I want to tell to you about acquaintance of my parents. I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn it.
Mine daddy and mum have got acquainted on final school party. Daddy has finished building school, and at them passed Final dance in one of numerous cafes - small restaurants in Kazan.
It was necessary for personnel of cafe to prepare for all for arrival of graduates, but to that day there was a problem.
One of cooks who worked at this restaurant was ill and consequently could not come for work. The director
Restaurant (it was the girlfriend of my mum) has decided to invite to help to prepare food my mum, as
She knew, that my mum is able and likes is tasty to prepare. Mum has agreed to come.
Soon there came graduates and the holiday began. Daddy communicated with friends, but suddenly he wants
Usual water, and on a table of her did not appear. Then daddy has decided to pass on kitchen and to pour to itself. He Has gone on kitchen and has seen mum who already was going to leave.
They have got acquainted and have agreed upon a meeting in some days. Having met, they have better learned the friend The friend and between them there was a love. Soon they have got married. It has taken place in 1981. And in 1982 We were born with me.
Thank for your photos John I am compelled to admit that you To me very nice. I think that at meeting you will be the very interesting beautiful man.
I want to you to tell that you me like John.
Today I learned about the special passport for trip to Odessa. And me have told That for trip to Odessa I shall require the foreign passport and insurance.
To me have specified the provisional price registration of these documents. It will cost approximately
The foreign passport - 250 USD
The insurance - 150 USD.
You can help me in it?
Also me have told that these documents will be made out during 1,5 - 2 months. It is very long.
How you consider John?
My mother has told that will try to agree that registration of the documents has passed for fast time.
I think that at not it will turn out. As we should issue all necessary documents till January. I am right?
Know John to me it seems that I have found that which man searched. You!
Tell to me about the you parents and as they have found each other. It would be very interesting to me to learn it!

I wait for your answer! All the best!


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