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Last name: Unknown
Age: 25
Location details: ramnicu valcea, Romania
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Hello xxx

i will be sincere with you...the reason that i'm on this matrimonial site is not to find my soul mate, maybe not for the moment...
i'm a single mother and i'm raysing my child alone...i have a doughter at 3 years old, she is very sick and she neded a opration on the brain...shes life depends on this operation.
the operation it cost 20.000 euro and i'm doing all the possible to make this money.
so i want to ask you if you cand send me any sum of money...if you want to help me, to save my doughter life.
i dont know if you have kids but i hope you will understand me...i'm desperate and as i told i will do everithing for save my doughter life.
please dont be upset with me and let me know if you can help me. i will be wayting for your email...
many many kisses from me and my doughter.


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