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Last name: Novoselova
Age: 23
Location details: Russia, Volgograd
Postal address: 34 Komsomolskya Street
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Katerina Novoselova, also known as Katya, stole my money.

She stole from me $1,450 U.S. dollars by means of western union in November 2004. I work very hard for this money for 1 month at a new job i started and she stole this money. She has no heart. She stole all my money and broke my heart. She is a bad person and i shall never trust another Russian woman who asks about money.
I would not send her money at first. She wanted i send her money by western union. I would not send her money at first and i figured she was a fraud because she wanted me to send her money as soon as i met her. I however decided to continue correspondance with her and i choosed to listen to my heart and eventually i thought she really was a good person. But i was wrong. She is a very bad person and a thief and a liar. She will say anything to steal your money from you. I suggest if you meet her to quit correspondance with her. If you meet her, i assure you that she will say and do anything to send her money. She will ask you to send her money maybe by western union for passport and airplane tickets and such. She will not want you to visit Russia. she will demand you send her money for visit. This is because she wishes to steal your money. If she asks for money, do not send her money. She has a friend named Tatyana Algaeva. She may ask you to send her money to this friend. Katya, the fraud, will claim that she does not have passport and she may ask you send her money to her friend. She is a liar do not trust one word she says. She will steal your money if you allow her and she will say anything to steal your money. Do not continue to write to her if you meet her.


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