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Natasha Chigileychik
First name:

Natasha Chigileychik

Last name: Chigileychik
Age: 29
Location details: slavyanoserbsk, Ukraine
Postal address: Donetska, Gagarina street 47, 93700
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Natasha has stolen pictures and fake passport from some one and is scamming man from your side for money, I am geting this person in Full background check,
I have 2 home address from hereSlavyanoserbsk, Donetska, Gagarina street 47, 93700 UkraineSlavyanoserbsk, Gorkogo Street 82/16, Ukraine

Dear Sir, Thank You for the letter. Our address: Slavyanoserbsk, Lenina street, 56, 93800 Ukraine.We don't have web-site. We are very glad that you want to continue correspondence with YourLady Natasha. In order to fill up your account you should knowfollowing information: You can transfer money with the use Western Union services. Usingthese services will save up your time and let your Lady to restorecommunication with you in a faster way. Also You can pay with a creditcard on Pay Pal through Western Union. For making this transaction Youshould go to the nearest office of Western Union and fill in the formusing necessary information: Receiver: Natasha Chigileychik Address: Slavyanoserbsk, Donetska, Gagarina street, 47, 93700 Ukraine After making transfer you send the e-mail with the followinginformation: Money Transfer Control Number, exact amount of money sentto the Lady, full name of the sender and the country where from themoney is sent. This is our price list. - one month "unlimited translation" - 150 USD; - two months "unlimited translation" - 270 USD; - three months "unlimited translation" - 390 USD: - six months "unlimited translation" - 750 USD; "Unlimited translation" includes boundless amount of letters you send to your Lady and receive from Her during the period of time You would like to choose. - one month "unlimited correspondence" - 200 USD; - two months "unlimited correspondence" - 350 USD; - three months "unlimited correspondence" - 500 USD; - six months "unlimited correspondence" - 900 USD; "Unlimited correspondence" includes boundless amount of letters with photos which you send to your Lady and receive from Her during the period of time You would like to chose. Besides that You can pay for our services paying for every letter. -translation and printing one letter - 5 USD (translator service - 2 USD; Internet service - 1 USD; printing a letter - 1 USD; taxes and other payments - 1 USD); -scanning one photo - 2 USD; -printing one photo - 3 USD; We give You guaranties for decency, confidence, accuracy and thoroughness. Thank You for the cooperation. Respectfully,Principal of TC "Veles"Oleg Shykov.<br />
<br />
I hope you will close this person down,


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