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Last name: VONOVA
Age: 28
Location details: RUSSIA - MOSCOW
Postal address: I DON'T KNOW
Phone number: 007 9051762831
E-mail address:


My lover XXX
I have taken today my visa without any problems. My visa valid for one month.
Than I have to go to the travel agency.
And here little problem. The tickets is very expensive.
I have get my salary. It is around 500 USD.
But I have paid for visa 90 USD and for medical insurance 120 USD.
I have now 290 USD, but tickets cost 710 USD.
My travel agent said that it is most cheaper tickets.
Therefore I have paid all my money as prepayment for at do not lost this tickets.
I want to ask you, if you have extra 420 USD, can you send this to my travel agent.
Becouse for me not possible to find this money. I have spent all my money.I am realy want to spend with you my vacation.
Hope money do not will be problem between us.
Cannot wait to meet you in airport.
Miss you my lover, your Diana

Hello Mr. XXX. My name is Kristina Pavlova, I am main manager in travel agency Travel Magic. Today I have speak with Diana Vonova. She wanted to buy flight tickets. I have find for her very cheaper tickets for 710 US Dollars. But she paid just 290 US Dollars. About other money she will ask you. I think you have already speak with Diana Vonova and understand situation. You need pay just 420 US Dollars. You can do this by international payment system Western Union. Information for payment.
My full name is Kristina Pavlova
Address is 573853, Moscow, Russia, Tverskaya 11, office 24
Best regards, Kristina Pavlova, main manager Travel Magic

Travel Magic
Tverskaya 11, office 24
Tel. +7 4832 684092
Fax. +7 4832 684091

I am sorry and very surprised, maybe I had to write you openly, anyway I wrote you that for me it is very easy and cheap to come to Moscow:
Why did you decide to come to Italy without saying to me your plans?<
Then I am not free until May or perhaps June or also July, I am in pension but I am found a work for few months because the Italian government fell an now I donít know if I really will receive my pension in April, how the old laws said, or maybe in June or July and I canít live without the salary and without the pension.
I found organized trips for Moscow cheaper that what you found for Italy, and anyway I canít come to Moscow or I canít stay with you in Italy until I am working.
So, I am sorry, but you have to wait, if you are really interested in me, otherwise, I am very sorry, but if for you is so urgently to come to Italy, I can only advice you to look for an other man.
Excuse se for this my e-mail, but I am surprised about your decisions so hasty, maybe it would have been better to decide after speaking each other.
I ask apologies if I made mistakes and if you thought that I was free and it was possible for me to receive you immediately, anyway I found this new work only today, I didnít hope to have this work.
But I also think that, before going to a travel agency, it would have been better to speak to me.


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