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Juliet Robertson
First name:

Juliet Robertson

Last name: id 78290
Age: 30
Location details: united kingdom
Postal address: 126, Mountsorrel Lane, Rothley,LE77PS
Phone number:
E-mail address:


i will copy here the chatting between me and here , i have doubts from his langauge, and i discover by specail site that she is staying in NIgeria, its ip including my report and when i discover her and told her you are big lier and good scammer she didnt have any thing to say just bad words:please we like this site and really i will get my second half nearly among some girls , make the site clean from all these bad girls because they waste our time:
julietrob: i see
toyou_only: can you send to my email
julietrob: ok i will try that later
toyou_only: ok
toyou_only: my dear do you have mobile number?
julietrob: our phone has been disconnected sometimes back since we could not afford bills again
toyou_only: ok
toyou_only: if you need anything tell me
julietrob: what???
toyou_only: if you need any help about bill my dear it is ok, are not friends now?
julietrob: well i dont know what to do since the phone got disconnected by the taxe people
toyou_only: me ready to help you , if you wish
julietrob: how cos i wont mind?
toyou_only: up to you, aren't frinds dear? or you donot consider me friend at all?
julietrob: why not you are my friend
julietrob: what do you think you can do to solve this
julietrob: it will be so good to fixe the phone so that we can talk more
toyou_only: i can send money you need
julietrob: how??
toyou_only: where do you live now in uk or outside?
julietrob: i live in leicester its a city in uk
toyou_only: wait me pls i have call my so swee
julietrob: but i live on the countryside
julietrob: ok
toyou_only: hi
toyou_only: my dear donot worry about any help
toyou_only: im ready
julietrob: really!!!!
toyou_only: you know i like your pictures and your words in profile
toyou_only: yes really
toyou_only: i have soooo good job and alone
toyou_only: my salary per mont above 5000$
toyou_only: donot worry at all
julietrob: but are you sure you can help us paying the bills off?
toyou_only: sure
toyou_only: how much? 1000$ 2000$ really donot worry
toyou_only: im so serious with you
julietrob: i am too
toyou_only: thanks
toyou_only: you are pretty
toyou_only: and young
julietrob: the bill is 350pounds
toyou_only: and what is problem if i help sweet lady likeyou?
toyou_only: it is ok
julietrob: pls let me know your mind about this cos i am very serious with you
toyou_only: my dear, im so serious
julietrob: sound good
julietrob: so what should we do now?
toyou_only: it is so eas
toyou_only: sooooo easy
julietrob: how pls tell me so that i can tell mum about it
toyou_only: give me your real name
toyou_only: and adress
toyou_only: and any telephone number
julietrob: Juliet Robertson
toyou_only: and then i will send by western union
julietrob: 126, Mountsorrel Lane,

toyou_only: adress:
julietrob: why are you asking ?
toyou_only: can you email me now and write all information in email to print because any word wrong you cant get money
toyou_only: it is documents to transfer mony
julietrob: how?
julietrob: i see
toyou_only: write all details and put in email
toyou_only: ok?
toyou_only: and pls
julietrob: let me give you here
toyou_only: include some of your pictures pls my ??????
toyou_only: ok
julietrob: the email is not opening i dont know why
toyou_only: ok
julietrob: should i give you here??
toyou_only: ok
toyou_only: go on
toyou_only: please i must go after minutes
toyou_only: ok
toyou_only: tlephone
julietrob: my address is...126, Mountsorrel Lane,
toyou_only: yes
toyou_only: telephone to send money
julietrob: i told you that our phone is not working
julietrob: no need
toyou_only: ok
julietrob: dear i have count on you and i have trust you as well
toyou_only: ok
toyou_only: sure
toyou_only: i will save this conversation now
julietrob: good
toyou_only: do you know why?
julietrob: ??
toyou_only: to kick you out the new-dating .com, because you are sooooo big lier , and good scammer, you are Nigerian thief, and big lier, do you wish to tell you the name of comupter you chat from it , any way i told site and i warn you to enter it again, you waste my time , go to hell
toyou_only: IP address [?]: [Copy][Whois]
IP address country: Nigeria
IP address state: Lagos
IP address city: Lagos
IP address latitude: 6.453100
IP address longitude: 3.395800
ISP of this IP [?]: Multi-Links Telecommunications Limited
Organization: Multi-Links Telecommunications Limited
Host of this IP: [?]: [Whois]
Local Time of this IP country: 2008-03-17 17:18

toyou_only: this your details
toyou_only: do you have comment?
toyou_only: i will send this conversation to site
toyou_only: to make you in black list
toyou_only: do you have comment?
julietrob: you are very stupid for telling all this
julietrob: what for..........
toyou_only: and you are big prostitute
toyou_only: let site for serious
julietrob: you are a big fool for that
toyou_only: not playing
toyou_only: yes
toyou_only: i know you can change pictures and name and
toyou_only: but u wil not sucsess
toyou_only: you are member of network, you chat from Nigeria and some body get money in england
toyou_only: go to hell big prostitute
toyou_only: bye


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