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Last name: angel
Age: 26
Location details: Russia, Kazan
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I had met her on about 2 months back.
Her id on new dating is 83939. She is claiming to be a doctor.
This is the letter she wrote to me:
Lovely excuse that I did not write last days, but at me happened to a mountain, to my grandmother on Friday in the evening she became very
bad also has died, I am very much broken and long cried, I very strongly liked the grandmother and we were very close, I a lot of time spent with her in childhood and she has learned much me, today we
buried her, in the street awful frost and blows a strong wind, I all has frozen when stood on a cemetery, my parents too are very much
broken also at home very gloomy conditions, everyone are in bad mood and mum constantly cries, after funeral has come many people knowing the grandmother and long spoke good words about her, lovely to me is
unpleasant to speak about it now, but my parents would spend many money what to bury grandmother adequately, I thought what is it is very expensive, my mum was compelled to take on loan is a lot of money
and she has asked me to find is a little money what to help by him, I did not want to ask at you money, but if you have opportunity to help in this difficult minute me, To send me 200 or 230 $, it would be very
noble from your party, believe, it is very inconvenient to me to ask you money, but I promise to return to you them when I shall come to you, thanks to you lovely, you unique with whom I can inform to the mountain, I hope that soon I can inform with you and happiness from
meeting with you.

Your Olga


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