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Last name: Pavlova
Age: 23
Location details: Bryansk, Russia
Postal address: Bryansk, Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


Hi my dear ***.
You know, now I have little problem.
I have not received the salary. My employer has told, that there are no money and will not be. Money will be only after New year.
It means, that I shall be without money in New year.
I cannot buy gifts to my parents and friends.
For me it is very bad.

It is very inconvenient for me to ask you about it, but I have no anybody who can help me.
Lovely ***, if you can please borrow me 100 USD.
I shall give you at once as soon as I shall receive my salary.
I understand, that we are poorly familiar, but you the unique person which can help me.
I shall necessarily give you of money.
I should present something to my parents.
I very much love my parents. They are the most dear to me in the world.

Certainly, if you cannot, I shall understand.
You too should buy gifts.

I hope, that you will understand me correctly.

I wait for your letter.
Your Kristina.

P.S. If you can borrow me money you can send them via Western Union.
My full name: Pavlova Kristina
Name of bank: Gazprombank in city Bryansk.
If to you it is necessary any my data, I shall give you this.


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