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Last name: unknown
Age: 0
Location details: Cheboksary, Russia
Postal address: Cheboksary, Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


This person sent me an e-mail saying there mother was needing an operation in 4 days. Of course she told me that she loved me very much. You get the idea. Any way I asked her to never write me again, but the e-mails to me did not stop there.

Hello, I was very glad to receive your letter.
My love, my feelings to you are completely pure{clean}. I do not have any difference up to money. I cannot without you minute. All that I can do{make} it only to think of you my love. I very much love you and I want to be together with you. Already very much late at night at us, but I have asked to take advantage of a computer in hospital and I write to you now. I now in hospital and I cannot fall asleep. I sit near to mum, but I all the same think of you my love.. I very much want to be together with you now my love.
I recently talked to the doctor, the doctor has told to me that will be necessary to perform operation. My love, I so worry for my mum. Operation on heart. It so is awful!!! It is necessary to do{make} operation within 4 days! I do not know how many operation will cost. But the doctor has told that operation will be not cheap. My love, I so worry for mum. I hope, that
all will be good with my mum, and we with you shall be together as I of mums will feel like well. I shall write to you more tomorrow.
My love, I shall write to you later, now I shall go to chamber at mum and I shall look at its{her} cond ition.
I Love you very much!!!
Your Forever Tanya..


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