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Last name: anna
Age: 27
Location details: nizhny novgorod, Russia
Postal address: not
Phone number: no
E-mail address:


j' have had for three months a relation with Anna, we made knowledge, it n' does not have telephone, I n' his true address, I could obtain proposed to him to meet her, while coming to it, but it m' request has to come at home, at the beginning it s' is registered in an travel agency BUTERFLY agency travel, which n' d' does not have; I address theirs to asked for a fax to have their banking coordinates, without answer, anna says to me that his/her mother at sick summer and qu' after to have paid 415 euros for the passport and the visa, it was necessary 412 euros for him to pay the tickets, j' refused by telling him qu' she tested m' to swindle, it m' answered a touching letter which m' made doubt, j' have to telephone l' embassy France which m' asked not to pour d' money and I you joint the lettres.elle one am enregist?e on your site under the nid 88014.<br />
The darling after all that you has written to me in the letter???Understand that your words in the letter to me all have told.It has shown me your character.The darling understand that it really has very strongly wounded my soul.Really very strongly lovely.Now I do not think more of ours with you to a meeting.I was completely humiliated with your letter.You of mistrust humiliates my female advantages.Understand that I already have made once rates on that that we will be together with you.I spent necessary money for registration of all documents.I trusted you and thought of that..Also that as a result I have...The broken love... Spent during empty time and money...Your mistrust has destroyed all my hopes concerning my future life.All rates were not justified.It very strongly lowers me downwards.Opinion of my mum and my associates concerning my rates will be not happy.Understand that I as the silly woman ran all these days making out all necessary papers.As the little girl hoping for that that you can understand me.Also that as a result.Many will tell to me that I have made really nonsense.What will I tell tomorrow to people in travel agency?I think that I at all should not go there.Me to look valid it would not be desirable silly....All it pulled down my mood.And that I will have....Yes it me the darling simply oppresses.But it does not confuse me I thought.Understand that thoughts on our meeting did not allow to me an occasion to long.It is a pity....The darling really is very a pity to me.It seems to me that I simply have made big Error.Really happen in our life of affliction.After all you do not trust in my feelings and reject my love.It is a pity......<br />
2)<br />
Hello my love!!!How are you?My love I had today a dream about us. To me has dreamt,that I go down from a gangway of the plane and you stand and meet me.You were surprisingly beautiful. You on the person had a happiness smile.You stood with the big bouquet of roses and waited for me. We have embraced and long stood so.Passers-by turned around and to us was all the same we did not pay to them attention.You have looked me fool in the face and have kissed. This kiss was such gentle and sweet...And I have woken up.The love washing it was such fine dream. I know, that when we will meet, will be in the same way as in a dream.My dear, you understand, that at me the contract with travel agency.,That they to me do all documents, and I should buy from them the ticket.,My darling, seems to me, that you simply do not want, that I was with you!!!!!It seems to me, that you do not want our meeting.,I from all forces try, that our meeting has taken place.,I very much wait for your answer.Yours Anna.<br />
3)<br />
Hi My love.I very much to love your letter because it as always was filled love And care for me. Very much it pleased me and warmed. I want to tell, that I love you. Because I always want, that my husband would love me. I like that in your letters the love to me is felt. I very much to thaw when to read about your loneliness.Because I was very good to know, that this such. It is very sad, that we not together, my love.My dear, today I went to travel agency and they at me called to you.,But it has turned out, that you have not appeared at homeand they have left the message to you on an answering machine.,They have explained to me, that they do not have permission to receive money from citizens from abroad.,Simply there were cases earlier, that many sent money,but this money went in other direction and simply it turned out, that girls sent abroad as prostitutes.,You understand me???Now as safety it have forbidden to receive such money.,They to me have told, that as a last resortyou could send on payment of the ticket for requisitesof the bank account of the director of travel agency.,What will you tell??????Because it would be desirable so strongly to have strong embraces. It would be desirable, what who will be near the loved and native person. I want to fall asleep in your embraces in the evening, and to wake up and give in the morning Soft kiss and to see smiling person of the loved person, my love. I want to see you soon my love. And me it is sad, that we with you now not together, my love. I finish my letter to you with all my tenderness and love


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