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Last name: Elia
Age: 27
Location details: City Tomsk/Tomsk Area
Postal address: Internationalist Street 31-182
Phone number: no
E-mail address:


I had contact with from the first time at 20.02.04 (orig. letter below)until 30.June 2004
Then she send me a copie of here passport and want that i send money to a strange adresse in Tomsk.
I have about 12 photos of here, if you want to see them. Sincerely Beat Wiederkehr
-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht-----
Von: elia [ ]
Gesendet: Freitag, 20. Februar 2004 19:46
Betreff: Hello

Hello. I don't know your name.
I am very glad to receive from you letter.
Thanks that you have found time and have answered my letter.
I do not know from what to begin my answer, probably all over again it is necessary to write a little about myself.
I till now cannot believe that you have become interested in me. I think that we will have good friendly relations and it is possible in the future they will turn in something the greater but while us early to think of it because it is necessary to learn each other better. I live in city Tomsk it is very beautiful and big city. I work as teacher of dancing and I very much like my work because
i like to dance and help people.
In Tomsk I live with mum and brother. My mum's name Irina, she is fine person always to me helped. The brother's name Dima,now he goes to school. I have gone to school since 6 years. School days were the happiest in my life, but they have very quickly ended. Then I have arrived in University and have finished it in 22 years. I am fond of sports, I think, that each girl should have a beautiful and harmonious body. In general it is possible to tell, that I very sociable person. I want to find that unique and unique in the life with which I could divide all life. In the choice I do not want to make a mistake. I would like to know as much as possible about you. My intentions are very serious. I at myself here have not found worthy to myself the man and consequently I have decided to try to get acquainted through Internet. Therefore I can write to you 6 days per one week. But, unfortunately, I to not have an own computer and consequently I shall write to you with internet cafe. I think that we shall be good friends or even more +. On what I to hope. I would like to hear your ideas, that you wish concerning the future. I hope that you find my words are interesting also it starts to help to find out to you me little bit better.
Please, tell me about your favorite things: color, flavor, flower, movie, season, book, sport, hobby, music, weather, type of woman etc. I'm interested to know more about your work and everyday life... Please, tell me what do you expect from relations between two people? I wait for the answer from you again.
You had such desire - write!!
Your new friend Elia.


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