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Last name: anna
Age: 27
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have d?ja makes a report I gives you a letter of the agency butterfly and anna's photo and its name
Please send by fax to the bank generale company(society) of aurillac N of fax 33471455749 the RIB of your account banquaire as well as your official recording in the Russian register of travel agencies with the invoice for plane tickets of a?roflot Moscow and the international transfer will be made the same day and your bank will be credited the next day, according to the office(desk) of Paris of the general company(society) which has subsidiaries in Russie.aucun transfer by western union will be fait.d' somewhere else I have reserv? of the plane tickets due to leave of niznhy Novgorod by the compagnieKD AVIA flight(theft) KD512 allocates of nizhny novogorod what avoids to Anna to go to MOSCOW at it for the 396-euro price to go and; return, Miss ANNA ARHIPOVA, was not able to send me copy of her passport and visa, to .Pour to please you I indeed want to take note(ticket) but for the flight(theft) KD512, what will avoid to ANNA to go to Moscow.<br />

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
> Date: Sat, 24 May 2008 12:32:38 +0400
> From:
> To:<br />
> Subject: Re: voyage Mella Anna ARIOBA

> Respected mr Vidal Vigouroux.
> I and as our command of agency "Butterfly" are glad to welcome you! Name is Paderova Galina, I the president of travel agency "Butterfly". Madam Anna Arhipova, is our client and directly our agency provides to her possibility of dialogue with you.

Also Madam Anna has told, that we have explained to you about possible payment of its tickets for flight to you.
We work with bank remittances and if money is accepted from you, mr Vidal Vigouroux this money automatically will be transferred on account of trip payment to you of Madam Anna.
As only money will be transferred into my account (it is the legal account of firm
(licence 153469987483 from the state chamber of the Russian federation)). Right after it madam Anna Arhipova will be notified on that that the sum is paid, and as is direct the same day madam Anna will be caused what to receive for this purpose all necessary documents and as tickets for this purpose that it could arrive to you the nearest flight of the plane. I will answer you your inquiry concerning trip payment!
Plus 25 euro for services of our agency, in the help of official registration of documents.
As soon as this sum will be received that the same day Anna will is notified that she can
to leave to Moscow for a start to you!
Madam Anna Arhipova has told to us., that she it wishes to take off to you on June 2-nd.
Our agency has picked up for madam Anna Arhipova suitable flight to you:

> Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Paris (PAR)
> Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU257
> Departure: June, 02nd 2008, 21:55, the Sheremetyevo Arpt
> Arrival: June, 02nd 2008, 23:50, Charles De Gaulle Intl
> Time in a way: 3 h. 55 m.
> Flight: Paris (PAR)-> Moscow (MOW)
> Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU250
> Departure: July, 02nd 2008, 11:45, Charles De Gaulle Intl
> Arrival: July, 02nd 2008, 17:20, the Sheremetyevo Arpt<
> Time in a way: 3 h. 35 m.
> Inform us or madam Anna if this flight and time approaches you!
> I will leave legal requisites of agency through which you can send money. Our duty in connection with
> transfer of money resources by bank remittance money resources sent by you can be directed into
> the account in agency for not later than May 30. As it is a deadline of entering of a payment on the prisoner in a bilaterial order contract. May 30 it is a deadline of entering of payment.
> It is a pity to me, but having compared and analyzing terms of transfer to the bank account can<br
occupy from 3-14 days, but usually the sum of money reaches approximately for 1 week. So you have
problems with madam Anna Arhipova on terms of transfer of monetary payment. Having huge experience in sphere
of tourist services, we advise to you to take advantage of system of remittances "Western union".
> Thus you really will have time to make fee. Understand, the system of remittances "western union"
is very positively characterised, as clients of our agency, and all over the world. For this reason we
> advise to use to these all our clients. As well as madam Anna Arhipova. I asked me I specify data of our agency on which money resources can be listed
> BENEFICIARY: Paderova Galina
> ACCOUNT NUMBER: 40817840600291003939
> But in advance I warn you and as I lead up to you to data that having paid money through bank remittance you risk simply not to have time to make transfer by may 28, I advise to you really to take advantage of system of remittances Western Union and to send money not mediocre madam Anna, thus you will have time to pay money till May 28. As for each delayed day you bear responsibility for delayed conditions and
> in case of non-payment to her the penalty in the size of equivalent 10 % from the contract sum will be imposed. In this case it on May 28. I and our agency hope that the finished information to you, was useful to you. On it I finish the letter and I hope that that I have explained > the interested questions. We will be glad at any time to you to help.
> Paderova Galina - the director
> Travel agency "Butterfly"
> 19.04.2008


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