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Age: 35
Location details: Ukraine
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This letter is from Irina agency her number is 90439.I asked her to write me through your web site so her letters will be translated free but she refuses.She says she does not know how to use a computer but she is educated as a doctor so I don't believe she can not learn to use a computer.I learned in less then an hour and even children learn to use computers these day's.It seems most of the women I meet on your web site will not use your translation service and they want to bring money into their agencies.I hope you will remove her from your web site.

Welcome to BeautyAbroad!
You have just exchanged eight letters with Irina ID 150. Unfortunatelly, you letter can not be translated ( professional translation ), as term of paid translation service is expired. Please log in using your login and password to become a Standard Member if you are not yet registered at our site. Or upgrade to Golden or Platinum Membership plans with much wider opportunities for communication

If you have any questions, please, contact us anytime or
Best Regards,

The girls in the 3d photo also belong to the same agency. The following e-mails can be used:


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