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Age: 24
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Postal address: Kirov, Russia
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Here is another letter from Nastia trying to get money from me.
> Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 18:29:12 +0400
> From:
> Subject: Re[2]: Hello! how you my dear?
Hello my love xxx!!! I am happy to receive again your letter and as it is pleasant for me to answer your letter... With each your letter, that seems to me that I know you already very long, and the more I know you, the more I get used to you... How your day was today?
My day has passed not so well as when I was on work, with me the person from travel agencies has communicated. It informed me one bad > news that I except for documents should have money with myself when I shall fly to you, I suspected it, and now at all I do not know what to do. My documents as will be soon ready also I now I cannot take back money which paid for documents. As that all would be knowingly, I that in Russia women at flight in other country should have with themselves a living wage. As many Russian girls as soon as get in other country they start to work the prostitute, and now for it in Russia is such law, I as cannot go against the law. My money are paid on documents for arrival. I today all the day thought where to me to take money, but not where it was impossible, I tried to go to bank what to take the credit, but to me have told that if I shall take it to me then will not allow to leave Russia ((my mother as cannot take the credit as she yet has not paid
the last credit when we took a refrigerator. My dear I have to you a request, you can help me? And please understand that this money are necessary for me only to show on customs house the control and as soon as I shall be at you, I shall return that money with which you if can help me. I still had time very little.. .. My dear , I very much hoped that I shall be with you, but it turns out that I in vain was pleased... If I cannot will arrive to you it is my most bad holiday. Excuse me please for that that I informed you such bad news. Now I shall try again to find money... kiss you. Yours Nastia

Hello dear!!! It is pleasant for me to receive your letter, but it is not so glad the answer. My dear I not nothing I can make if I shall not have money for the Living wage! As to me will not allow to fly to
you. My dear and besides at me documents will be soon ready, and I already paid for documents of money if I cannot fly to you my diligence with documents for flight, and my money which I paid, all this will be in vain (((my dear please understand, I very much want to be near to you. If you do not trust me you can learn about the Living wage from you in the airport, and to you will tell that girls from Russia should have a living wage. My dear write to me, you can help me whether or not? Understand, this money only to show on customs house the control and as soon as I shall be with you, I shall give back to you your money. I wait soon for news. kiss. Yours Nastia


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