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Here is another letter from Olga asking for money.I feel she should not be on your web site asking men for money.Hope to hear from you soon.

Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 14:42:29 +0400
Subject: Hello my darling
Hello my darling

I very much waited for your answer.
Yesterday I spoke about us with you with Nataliya.
We spoke about our relationship, and she has told, hat since our feelings are mutual that we should meet with you. Yes, I know, that she rights. Only the meeting can help to develop our relationship. We can speak in letters long time, but in letters very difficultly write about feelings. Only when we will meet we can understand and feel our feelings completely.
And in letters it is impossible to tell a lot off at once. I very much love you and I do not want to torment you and myself. Therefore today I have decided to take the first step. I thought, that you will be glad, if we will be meeting. I would like to arrive to you and to see as you live.
If I will arrive to you that we can live together as high-grade family. I am confident that we will are compatible physically, emotionally and spiritually. I so think, because I know you now very well. And I am confident, that you never will make as it was made by my physical father.<
He has conceived the child and has escaped away.
I very much love you and I want that we were together. Today I have found the announcement of travel agency in the newspaper.
I called to them and I have learned, what is documents I need:

1. Medical test.
2. Two photos (5x5).
3. The insurance.
4. The information from work.
5. Documents about the real estate.
6. The certificate of birth.
And Etc.

When I will give agency all these documents
they can do for me a visa.
They have told, that they I do three variants of visas:

The 3-month's visa (350 euro);
The 6-month's visa (400 euro)
1-year (550 euro)

And they have told, that they will make the visa for 10-14 days. I even have been surprised, that they so quickly do it. But when they have told to me about the prices... I was in a shock. I have no such money. I have no money for payment even for the 3-month's visa. And I do not know what to do now. I did not know, that for payment of visa is necessary so a lot off money. I very much love you... I so wanted to see you.
My God, why all depends on money?
I was very happy, but now I am very sad.
Because I cannot to pay for visa.
I could not find a place because I very much suffer.
You do not know as I cried at work.
I was seen by my girlfriend which has asked me why I cried. I have told to her I, that I have learned about the prices of visas. And I have told, that I cannot pay even for the cheapest visa. She has told to me if our feelings so are strong that we should meet. And she has told to me, that The economy in your country is better, than in Russia. And that your salary more mine in 10 times.
As we have mutual feelings.
That a problem of money it nothing if we love each other so much.
She has asked, whether I spoke you about that I can not to pay for the visa.
I have told, that No, because I am afraid to tell to you about it.And possibly you have no this money.
Still she has told, that if I so want to see you I should ask your help. I want to ask you to help me to pay for visa. I am ready to arrive to you right now, without problems. But I cannot pay even for the 3-month's visa, certainly I would like to arrive to you on 1 year, but this visa costs a lot off money. Therefore I hope, what you can help to pay to me for the 3-month's visa? I do not know, you can help me to pay for other visas variant? I do not know, how long time do you would want to spend with me?
To me so it is a pity and very sadly.
I hope that you will write to me and will tell what are you think?
I needs in your support and in your firm man's word. I am so pity... But I very want to see you face to face and told you: I Love You My Darling!!! And to hug you!!!

I love you.

Your Love Olga


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