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Natasha Molchanova
First name:

Natasha Molchanova

Last name:
Age: 30
Location details:
Postal address: Nikolaev, Ukraine
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


i emailed you about my concerns of being scammed. Last night I got hold of the home phone number (via UKR telecom information) and rang Natasha(95173). She spoke a little english and said she had never heard of me! Okay I met her on your site she contacted me and said<br />
that i was the man of her dreams. Since then we have swapped about 4 letters via her personal Yesterday i was told by her Internet agent on the same email that unless i paid the some money for translating and using Internet no further communication would ocurr. I really got to like this lady and now am confused. Was it all a scam? Is Natasha Molchanowa the same girl as in your profile and the photos i recived? Was she ever genuinely interested in me? The UKR tel num that was given to me is:00 380 512565802.


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