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Anita (Anna) Sizova
First name:

Anita (Anna) Sizova

Last name: unknown
Age: 26
Location details: Cheboksary/Izhevsk, Russia
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Hello, today i got a mail from a Lady with name Anita. Her ID is 96264
I know this girl a long time. But her name is Yekaterina and she lives in Itchevsk Russia.
I wrote hundrets of mails with this Lady (private). But, we didn?t found together.
Today i got a message from a girl that use the fotos of Yekaterina. Now i don?t know what?s going on here. Is it a girl that use fotos from an other girl, or is it the girl i know and now she lives in an other town and changed her age and name? I really don?t know who is right. But, i think you should ask her. I?m sure that she use the fotos from an other girl. Because, she can?t be the same Lady i know. She isn?t so stupid to write me with an other name.
So, she must be a scammer. Tell her that the fotos are from Yekaterina Spiridonova from Itchevsk. This girl (ID 96264) can?t be honest.
If you have any answer for me, please let me know. So, i think the Lady at your site ( is a fake


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