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Last name: Idon't know
Age: 29
Location details: CHEBOKSARY
Postal address: RUSSIA
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


I'm deceived since a few days, because I've seen that 2 members of your files are scammers.
The 2 members : Shyrka (94523) and Aleksandra (94354) have sent me 2 mails almost identical.
The only difference is that Shyrka has mentioned her mail address (above), whereas Aleksandra hasn't mention any mail address.

Furthermore, in the mail sent by Shyrka, Shyrka says that her name is Aleksandra (!), and she writes in her mail that she lives in Cheboksary, whereas her profile mentions she lives elsewhere.

So I'm sorry, but even if I've not seeked on Internet, I see that these 2 members are scammers.
Thank you
(I hope to be more lucky after that ;)


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