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Margarita Goncharova
First name:

Margarita Goncharova

Last name: Margarita
Age: 40
Location details: Novocheboksarsk - Russia
Postal address: Unknown
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


Report #1

"Hello, my love xxx!
Dear Alex I am glad that you have written me the letter, you are an angel for me, and angel who gives always only good news.
At us small the Internet of cafe and not rich and at us in the cafe Internet is only the Internet!
My love now about the most important about my arrival to you! As for full the information for arrival to you now I know thanks where to you to arrive to the Italy! Now I know where to you to arrive!
xxx thanks as for your phone number at me now phone on repair but I to you will call today from a public telephone booth And we will talk to you about my arrival to you well!
My love now about the most important, it about my arrival to you , today when I was in the travel agency where at me works familiar woman I was so happy, because the more I talked to the travel agent the better I understood that to come to you is very easy.
I told to my travel agent why I want to go to your Italy and she suggested my preparing a tourist visa. It is available for 90 days and I think it is enough for us to understant if we suit each other, is not it? She explained to me that if it will be necessary we will be able to extend it or I will return to Moscow and I change my visa. My love it is necessary for that to arrive to you to Italy to me passport, visa, medical insurance, the ticket of the plane and some other papers.
I have paid for the visa (120 euros), the passport for travel abroad (250 euros), an insurance policy (90 euros), but at me have not sufficed money
to the ticket of the plane in two parties it costs (700 euros) xxx, I want you understand me good - I do not have this sum of money for that to pay for the ticket of the plane 700 euros And I hope that for the sake of our meeting and our love and creation of the future family you will help me to arrive to you to the Italy? I have paid (460 euros) for my documents
and now I need in money for the ticket of the plane (700 euros) My love, I wish to ask you to help me with 700 euros,
What do you think about it? Please, write me, because I have already made a contract with the travel agency and my papers will be prepared very soon a minimum for 6-8days. My dear Alex I any more have no money and I hope that you of me will not throw in a difficult situation and will seriously consider my arrival to you ok?
I am a little bit nervous because of this situation, but I hope I will understand me.
With impatience I shall look forward to hearing?
i love you, xxx!
Your Margarita with love!"

Report #2

same scam , says she is inlove , and prints your name on a poster, like alex or me i am mike, clever lady works with ,fake travel agency,and sends fake documents passport etc, ,she does telephone but from unknown number

Report #3

This woman is already in your scammers lists. The amazing part is that many of the photos shown were also sent to me. The payoff is the "I Love you" photo with targets photo.


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