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Last name: Galyautdinova
Age: 28
Location details: Yaransk, Russia
Postal address: Sorry, i don't know
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Dear sir,
Here i send you two letters of the scammer, asking for money and an email from the Domodedovo Airport Moscow where i ask some information. After sending the email information of the airport there was no further reaction from the scammer. Of course this way of reaction confirms the scamming of the person.
I hope with this you got enough information, to prevent other persons for this person.

With kindly regards, Ed


Letter 1
Hello my love Ed!
I am madly glad to receive from you your letters!
I very much miss on you and every day I think only of you!
I again would leave what to look after my mum, to it it is already much better! I transferred it your greetings and the best regards!
It was this all is glad to hear and has told to me that to me very much has carried that I found such sensitive and gentle person as you!
I would like to be already with you these days!
But I spoke to you that I had difficulties with a finding of money for my tickets!
I cannot find this sum now, whether I do not know I can to arrive in general to you if I will not have tickets!
I already have spent many forces and money and would not like to recede....
Probably if I do not find these 550$ to me it is necessary to refuse a trip to you....
And I will lose that money which I gave to agency and on official registration of papers...
I do not know that to me now to do!
I ask you of the help in council, please tell that to me to do... I do not know what to speak to my mum, she knows nothing, she thinks that I soon depart to you.
I with impatience will wait for your letter!!!
Sincerely your love for ever Liliya!!!

Letter 2
Hello my love for ever Ed!!!!
I was pleasant to read me your letter knowing that you will meet me!!! But unfortunately, I had problems at the airport.
I at all do not know what now to do. When I passed the customs control me have asked that I have shown 3000$. That I could confirm it that I can contain there myself while I will be at you two months as my visa is developed for two months. That is this sum is a living wage for tourists. I explained to them that money there as I go to you will be not necessary to me and that as though you will incur all expenses. I spoke to them that I will be at you all these two months and that nothing will be necessary. I explained them it the whole hour, but they speak that it is such law and I should show these 3000$. I do not know what already to do, from for it me only have detained and now all business consists in it. I at all did not know that the such can be and represented that for this purpose will be necessary so much many money. I at all do not represent where now to take such big sum of money. I have spent all money for documents and tickets. And now there is no such money to show here in customs. <br
At me remains all only 300$.
I really did not know it, and now very strongly I worry. I do not want that all our dreams and plans were lost now, I do not want that tickets and the visa vanished now, and I do not know what already to do now. My darling Ed, all hope only on you now. Certainly inconveniently it is very inconvenient to me to ask you about it but what to do. I cannot get such big sum of money. I only will need to show them to customs at the airport and then I can go freely to you. My darling, it is very inconvenient me, but please help me with these 3000$ only to show them here. Nobody will take away them from me also I as soon as I will arrive to you to the airport that at once I will give them to you, understand, only it is necessary to show this money and everything, I will bring all to you and I will spend nothing. So money will remain also I will give them to you. My love, all hope only now on you. Please, to help me with it if you you can, I do not want that all our plans and dreams vanished also all vanished. We after all so waited very much for this day, and now here this problem. I do not want that from for money, our life spoilt. I very much very much wish to be near to you, be yours my love. Please understand my situation my love and answer me soon.
I as wrote called to my mum and explained this problem to it as, she spoke that will try to think up something as will write tomorrow to me!
I will come still here and I will write to you. If I can that I will call you.
I will wait for your fast reply to me. I hope you to me you will answer soon.
Know I love you and my love wishes be more likely with you.
I kiss you and your fine daughters, transfer them that all well and I necessarily will with you, let they do not worry. We necessarily will think up something!!! As soon as all is adjusted I will arrive to them and to give them gifts which I has prepared for them!
Sincerely Yours for ever love Liliya

Email Domodedovo Airport Moscow

Deze afzender ken je mogelijk niet.Markeren als veilig|Markeren als onveilig
Verzonden: woensdag 8 oktober 2008 10:25:59

Dear Sir,

There isnt a rule in law of Russia says that by leaving Russia a person has to have 3000 (or other amount). But according to the russian custom rules if a person has currensy in cash of amount 3000$(or more) must be declared.

Best regards,
Oksana Ilina
Specialist of feedback
tel: +7 (495) 504-02-19

Thank you and Best Regards.


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