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Natalia (ID=99935)
First name:

Natalia (ID=99935)

Last name: unknown by now
Age: 30
Location details: Omsk - Russia
Postal address: unknown
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Report about Natalia, 30, Omsk - Russia, ID: 99935
She did not yet ask money from me (too short time) in reply e-mail but her pictures are best known here and on "Agencyscams" - so she should be stopped before great damage happens to others!!!
She is already reported in your scammer list with name: Anna Ivanova (scammer #419)
she had another profile here before with ID: 64622 as Ludmila (maybe also reported for scam as the profile does not exist anymore)
There are various report from her pics available at:
and sure some more reports
It's funny how stupid some people/organizations can be when they still try to do the same although they are reported multiple times.
Attached find please two picture and name collections from "agencyscams" (where one contains also her actual profile photo) and some more pics from actual mail answers.
Hope it is helpful for you and all other users of this site - please add in "stop scammers" with all the listed names (if possible)


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