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Last name: unknown
Age: 0
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Postal address: unknown
Phone number: did not give out
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ICQ: unknown
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I noticed that her photo was recently removed from your website. Anyhow, her and I have exchanged emails begining Dec. 6, this month.
She claims she wants to meet me here in USA.
She wrote and said she needed $800 to cover flight tickets.
I wrote to her and told her that I could have a visa attorney from here in USA coordinate her trip to my city and also I advised her that I would pay for expenses including tickets.
She called today; I was unavailable. Her message was that I needed to send the money to her. The travel agency could only accept money directly from her.
This afternoon, for some reason, I looked at the "stop scammers" link...shocked, I saw picture and similar claims by another man.
She is dangerous!


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