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Alina ( Tanya Petrova)
First name:

Alina ( Tanya Petrova)

Last name:
Age: 27
Location details: Moscow(Russia)&Erevan(Armenia); Krasnogorsk (Russia)
Postal address: Her grandfathers address:Arshakunyatc 51/23, aprt.33, Armenia,Yerevan,375050
Phone number:
E-mail address:;;mymanfore


Photos most probably used by different people.

I dealt with this person last summer. Now, of course I sent money to a man by Western Union which she claimed was her grandfather so his name will be here also:

Her grandfathers name: Aivagyan Areg
Locations: Moscow, Yerevan-Armenia<

Her grandfathers address:
Arshakunyatc 51/23, aprt.33
I researched a lot before I sent any money(believe it or not) and could not find her on any black lists of scammers. Her ad was pulled from Friendfinder and I sent Friendfinder an e-mail to ask why but they never responded. She said it was because she found me.

These photos are also used by Sweethoney from Kirov, Russia. Her e-mail is


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