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I will first say that I have been to the Ukraine 3 times in the last 2 years and have talked to many foreign men and the consensus is that most dating sites are rampet with scammers; I would stress it is not the women who are the problem but the local agencies who benifit directly by the number of letters written; These agencies provide renumeration ( ie kick backs) for women to write to men without ever the thought of meeting; Each woman receives her renumeration based on the number of letters solicated from men; They are taught how to incourage men to repond to letters knowing that very few will ever arrive in their city to actualy meet; If the man does arrive and wants to meet the woman simply provdes a excuse such as being ill; finding her soul mate; family problems ect ect; ; My question to you is what steps do you take to prevent local agencies from paying women to solicate letters with no intention of meeting


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