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Age: 34
Location details: lugansk ukraine
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Had my suspicions about this girl but when she asked for flowers and called me by another name .Duh! She's on this dating site as ID # 98641
Hi, dear Alan!
Thank you for the answer.
There is Macdonalds in Kiev and in Donetsk which I know but no in my city. For us it's a very unique food and we don't have it very often.
As I told in my first letter I am going to be honest with you from the very beginning of our relationship. And I really need your honesty. Tell me please about our plans if we are going to meet each
other and when and how it will happen? You should know that my intentions are very serious and I hope that yours are the same. I am sorry that may be I ask you these questions too early, but we are
living so far away from each other and we have no chance to see each others eyes, to talk, to hold our hands, to spend evening in a nice cafe......I really need to see your eyes and to talk with you before
we decide about our future. As any romantic woman I am dreaming about loving and supporting man and please don't think I am immodest, but I would like so much to receive flowers from you. I imagine them
to be white roses....So wonderful!!!!!!!!
Harris, please understand me because I really need to see you!
Please think about my letter and answer me as soon as you can.
With very warm thoughts about you,


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